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Water outside our earth found at a far away dwarf star

  • Star containing water is named as K2-18B
  • Conclusion through Hubble telescope data
  • Keppler spacecraft discovered this star
  • Liquid water form interested scientists

New Delhi: Water outside our earth has been located far far away.

Water is present in many planets, But all are in the form of ice.

But now scientists have discovered a star that is outside our solar system.

There is also evidence of water in this star named K2-18B.

This star, eight times larger than the Earth, is probably also worthy of human life.

For the first time, this information has been given in the journal Nature Astronomy.

This new discovery has been told that it is located about 110 light years away from the Earth.

Its location is near Leo constellation in the far sky.

The scientist is happy with the discovery that the water is in its natural liquid state.

So there is also hope of life there. Earlier, water was known to exist on many planets, but in all, this water is in the state of frozen ice.

Due to extreme cold, the water of these planets has become very ice.

In some, ice is present in the deep trenches inside even though it is not on the surface.

This is the first star, where there are signs of water being in a liquid state.

By giving information about these things, scientists have made it clear that the atmosphere there is probably not at all like the Earth.

The whole atmosphere is different from the Earth.

But the hope of life there cannot be ruled out due to the water.

Angelos Tissarus, a scientist at the University College of London and the first author of this dissertation, has said that the atmosphere there can be much heavier than the Earth.

Because of this, nothing there will be like the earth at all.

Water outside earth was detected by Hubble data

The team of scientists researching this star analyzed the data in the last two years in depth.

These data were available from NASA’s Hubble telescope.

On the basis of this, when the data was scientifically calculated, the presence of water was found there.

According to the analysis there is also hydrogen and Hellium in the atmosphere there.

Scientists believe that there may also be nitrogen and methane, but no data has been detected from them.

Now after finding the water there, the team of scientists wants to assess the clouds there.

So that it can also be known that how much it is present in the star is evaporating and floating on the sky.

By the way, being a dead star, all his circumstances will be different from the Earth.

Scientists believe that radiation has a great effect on the atmosphere there.

In this case, everything there would have been changed under the influence of radiation.

This star was first discovered in the year 2015. It was constantly being monitored since then.

Data was being collected about it.

It was first discovered by NASA‘s Kepler spacecraft.

In this co-scientist Ingo Waldman says that it is similar to the common dwarf star.

But the most important difference about this is the presence of water in it.

The big question of why water exists there in a liquid state can also reveal the secrets of many unresolved kernels of space.


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