Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Chemotheraphy main challenge solved no hair fall now 
  • Stem cells will be protected from cancer drug side effect
  • Medicine will be applied on skull to save hair
  • Scientists invented new treatment technique
  • Complete hair loss also causes depression
  • This depression is more frequent in women

New Delhi:  Chemotheraphy will not create any psycological problem any more.

Scientists have found a technique with medicine to stop hair fall during this chemotheraphy.

Chemotherapy is commonly used in cancer treatment.

Until now, the drawback of this method of treatment was that the hair of the patient’s head used to fall completely due to its use.

Hair loss also generally caused an additional psychological pressure for the patient during treatment.

Generally, women had more trouble than this.

Now scientists have also found a solution for this.

Even after the cancer was cured, it took a long time for new hairs to come on the patient’s head.

Sometimes, due to many other reasons or due to the effect of medicines, the patients went completely bald even after recovering.

Now this problem can be overcome.

Professor Rolf Paus of the Center for Dermatology Research has given detailed information about this.

He has said that after this research, such a method has been devised, which will prevent damage to the roots of the hair during chemotherapy.

When this loss will be stopped, then hair loss will also stop.

Research has found that in fact, due to the drug taxanase used during this treatment,

hair confirmation was destroyed. Being weakened by the root,

the hair of the head started falling. Now measures have been taken to stop it.

Chemotheraphy function evaluation done to start experiment

Scientists associated with this research have devised a new species of medicine.

It is named CDK4/6 inhibitors. This medicine stops the process of division of the corpus inside the body.

It has also received treatment approval.

This drug is being used exclusively to treat cancer attacks on a particular area.

Scientists associated with this experiment have found that due to its temporary use, the division of the cells does not cause permanent damage to the root of the hair.

The scientist associated with this research and Dr. Tavleen Purva, the lead author of the published dissertation about this, have given detailed information about this.

It explains how this medicine works and how its hair stops getting damaged due to its working method.

During research, it has been observed to have a much better effect especially on breast cancer patients.

The biggest thing is that the state of mental depression caused by hair loss has been prevented.

This makes the patients more excited.

The internal responses of an excited patient are also good. This helps him recover quickly.

Worked to understand the internal structure of hair

Before developing this method, a team of scientists made an in-depth study of the structure of the hair of the head.

It was found that in fact the confirmation of hair is the main factor for growing hair and growing new hair.

When chemotherapy was used in the treatment of cancer, this confirmation was destroyed by the effect of the drug because the cells were broken from inside.

There was no confirmation of the hair on the head after the corpus was broken.

Because of this, they started falling.

Realizing this, scientists had focused their research towards maintaining this confirmation.

When the research car moved forward, scientists found that this taxanes drug damaged the stem cells that strengthen the hair.

Tried to provide confirmation to stem cells

Therefore, the idea of protecting all these stem cells from the effects of medicine was started.

In the treatment of cancer, there are many such adverse reactions inside the body, which do not really have any relation to cancer.

For this reason, a method to reduce a side effect has been developed during treatment.

This treatment of cancer and drugs prove fatal for stem cells that provide confirmation to the hair of the head.

For this reason, even after cancer is cured, on many occasions, the hair on the patient’s head does not grow again, because this damage becomes permanent.

Dr. Purva said about this that medicines that can be applied externally are being prepared to protect the hair.

This will not only confirm the use of these medicines from the top of the head to the root of the hair inside the head but will also prevent the stem cells present there from becoming more damaged.

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