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Masih Charan purti a notorious naxal is now fan of narendra modi

  • Real responsibility to wipe the tears of all grieving families
  • Was known to be a gurrila fighter of maoists army
  • Want to engadge himself in social work
  • Just came out of jail after long time

Ranchi: Masih Charan Purti, a former Maoist leader from Khunti district to West Singhbhum, was freed from prison last month.

He ruled the dense forests of Khuti and West Singhbhum.

During his naxal days even policemen were afraid of his name.


He also fought assemble election from jail as a JMM candidate but lost to BJP candidate with nominal margin.

Several cases were registered against him at various police stations in the Maoist activities.

First time He answered questions of ‘Rashtriya Khabar’ Reporter Manoj Sharan on several issues.

When the reporter asked him that by breaking away from the organization

and coming back to the mainstream, what you will do,

how will the villages work for the house and the tribals?

On this question, he started his reply with ‘JOHAR’, its a traditional word to show respect.

He said, I have been associated with social work before and will still work for the benefit of the society.

He said that at present, I am going around the village and urging people to cooperate

with the Birsa Munda Ulagulan Foundation for the construction of the

grand statue of Birsa Munda.

Presently Birsa munda statue is the primary agenda

At the same time, Masih Charan Purti said that he want to contribute directly to agriculture and horticulture with work force and people’s labor power.

As far as all voluntary organizations in the field of education and medicine want to work with the NGOs in the public interest.

On this question, what message do you want to give to the youth, and

especially to those who have gone out on the misguided path of the

extreme left with weapons in hand.

He said that he had witnessed the inside of such naxal activities.

Some time youth feel adventures with weapons but actually its painful to lead such life.

So I would not like to have any young man wandering the jungle and wasting his precious time.

The aim of Maoism is socialism and the biggest thing is corruption due to

which the youth take refuge in the forest, yet they will say that they should not

make any mistake in the rage and come under the constitution and keep their demand.

When you ask them that you do not think that you left main stream and joined maoists with arms.

Masih Charan purti said no youth should take law in his hand

Do you feel sorry for it?

He said that time is precious, I lost precious time of 20 years in the jungles and 12 years in jail.

As far as the declared purpose of Maoist organizations is socialism, and the constitution of India is also for socialism.

He stressed that the intellectuals of India will have to make an effort to

reduce the confrontation between the government and the banned organizations,

because no one is going to be benefited with this armed clash.

He said that there is a need for a peaceful revolution which should be done only within the perview of the constitution.

Whan asked what do you regrat, He clearly accepted that he feel pain for the lives lost due to his naxal movements.

Many have lost their families. It is painful but now onwards I will try to reduce some of those suffering families.

If I can, they are not able to wipe their tears. Still, I will try to bring some happiness to their home.

While in jail, it made me feel the real worth of family, father.

So there is no question of going back again on the same path.

What I have lost valuable time, if the village had given time towards home, its picture would have been different.

Modi jee’s decision made me his fan

On talking about Kashmir issue, Masih said that the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi is the only one who can take a decision.

Welcomes his decision and personally Modi is a very good Prime Minister.

Asked if you are a fan of Modi ji, he said that our Prime Minister is doing such work that I have become his fan.

On the question whether you want to contest elections,

Masih Charan Purti said that I cannot say anything on this matter right now.

Asked how the Raghuvar government is working in Jharkhand,

whether the picture of the village house has changed or not, he said that the picture has changed.

Major work has been done to eliminate the road from the root of the electricity and banned organizations, but for the village house Fundamentally more work should be done.

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