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Saturn’s ring wonderful picture has impressed scientists also

  • NASA’s Hubble telescope captured this rare sight
  • Composition of these rings has not been solved
  • The video was released along with this image
  • Considered the most beautiful picture ever

New Delhi: Saturn’s ring were clearly visible in these recent images.

A wonderful picture of Saturn’s ring has come out this time.

The Hubble Telescope captured the scene in its camera.

NASA has now released it publicly.

In it, the original Saturn planet is captured in different colors between the rings of Saturn.

The Hubble Telescope has also made video of this entire area of space.

This video has also been released by NASA.

See the video of Saturn and its moons

According to scientists, this is the most clear and beautiful picture of Saturn’s ring ever.

The Hubble telescope is already equipped with extremely clear photo capture equipment.

But this scene is revealed for the first time.

Releasing photographs and videos, NASA itself has considered these to be the most beautiful scenes ever captured.

The scientific feature of this picture is that the picture of Saturn’s ring in it is so clear that the snow and dust particles present in it are clearly visible.

Astronomers also believe that such a clear picture will make it easier to understand Saturn.

Saturn’s ring creation cause not known yet

Actually, this fact has not been solved as to why there are such rings around Saturn and how they have been formed.

The rings of the planet Saturn revolve around the parent planet.

Due to this, changes in them are also seen from time to time.

However, on the basis of these photographs, scientists are reaffirming the conclusion that there is a severe storm in these saturn’s ring and the atmosphere there is quite turbulent.

Even after ongoing research on the ring,

it is still not decided how old they are and what astronomical reasons they were composed.

According to scientists, small tornadoes arise here at any time.

This situation is like popcorn bursting into a micro oven.

The faster they are formed, the faster they disappear.

Many times during these whirlwinds, the color of saturn’s ring also changes.

During this period, it has been seen that a cluster of six pointed clouds always exists at the north pole of Saturn.

This cluster of clouds has been observed for the first time in 1981.

Since then, every time this hexagon has remained in shape.

The movements of the five moons were also seen there

Videos about Saturn’s five moons have also been released in this sequence.

It is known that Saturn has five moons, whose names are Tethias, Janus, Mimas, Encelad and Reha respectively.

All these moons are rotating on different axis.

The one who is closer to Saturn rotates more quickly.

A team of scientists constantly monitors Saturn.

The same team had seen these scenes captured in Hubble’s camera for the first time.

Although the Hubble Telescope has been doing this for a long time,

but this is the first time that such clean and beautiful pictures have been seen.

By the way, it is believed that due to the clearing of dust in space due to some reasons,

this view has been seen so clearly in the telescope.

This astronomy telescope has introduced scientists to many

unknown mysteries of space during their work.

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