Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Scientists created the darkest black color of the earth ever
  • The glow of the diamond is also lost in this black layer
  • Can soak more than 99 percent of the light
  • Many artists will get it for personal use
  • Space expeditions and optics will benefit

New Delhi: Scientists Created the darkest black colour of earth.

They have succeeded in creating the darkest dark color of the earth so far.

This black color is so deep that even the sparkle of a very shiny diamond is lost due to it.

This dark colored substance has been discovered by MIT scientists.

It is named CNT. CNT i.e. carbon nano tube.

Its public performance is scheduled to be held on 25 November at a science exhibition.

It has been claimed that this black color can absorb about 99 percent of every light coming towards it.

Therefore, we can assume that scientists created this or rather have prepared a small sample of the most mysterious black hole in space in the laboratory.

Can you imagine that a precious diamond worth about two million dollars will lose its full shine only because of this black color.

Yes, scientists have done this.

When this black layer was applied to this diamond, it almost disappeared from sight.

Researchers have also made it in the form of paint so that this paint can be grafted on everything which has to be protected from the glare of light.

During the experiment, scientists have proved that the substances exposed to this dense black color lose their ability to reflect brightness or light.

Because of this they are almost lost to our eyes.

Scientists created this after doing primary research

The scheme has been carried out by Deimut Strebe of MIT’s Art Center and Brian Wardle, Professor of Aeronautics.

After this CNT method was developed, there was talk of Strebe’s mind to test this variety.

Then the situation was studied after offering this black color on this precious diamond.

After losing the sparkle of the diamond, the attention of scientists towards it has gained more attention.

Scientists working to prepare it have told that this new black color is actually a group of very fine particles of carbon.

They are made on aluminum foil.

During the experiment, it has been found that it is able to absorb 99.96 percent of the light currently coming towards it.

In this context, it can be considered as the darkest substance ever present on earth.

After its preparation, it is expected to be used more especially in astronomy.

Actually, this method can prove to be very effective during the space mission where instruments and vehicles will need to be protected from radiation.

Apart from this, it can also be better used in optical works.

Now this color has been made in the shape of paint

After the success of this experiment, scientists have prepared it in the shape of paint.

With the formation of this paint, now this color can be grafted on any object.

This will make it almost stop looking, because most of the light falling on it will be absorbed there.

After the success of the experiment, it is planned to give this color to the artists for personal use.

The condition is that it will not be used for any commercial use.

With this help, the artist will also be able to see the effect of this new black color with their eyes.

Scientists have made it clear that they have no plans to give this new black color any attractive name.

By the way, after its preparation, the technology of many new uses in the field of science has also been discussed.

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