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The Strange type of material is seen on the moon shining

  • China’s lunar rover sent a picture of it
  • This end of the moon is not visible from the earth
  • Even before that, rover had discovered sticky material
  • The vehicle is going ahead to check closely

New Delhi: The strange type of material seen on the moon has increased the interest of scientists.

Lunar Rover  of China, doing research and research there, has sent a picture of it.

This is a picture of the end of the moon, which is never seen from the earth.

Under China’s Moon craft Change 4, this rover yutu 2 has been launched on the moon.

Already this rover saw a substance similar to Gel like there.

Information about the strange thing was also sent to the control room.

Now moving slowly in the deep craters of the moon, this rover has sent a new picture.

In the fresh picture that has come from there, in addition to the two wheels of this vehicle, about two meters wide pit is visible.

There is something inside it that is confusing rover’s equipments.

In fact, the vehicle is equipped with such devices, which identify the place and object from where the light is returning when the light is reflected.

Actually, on the basis of this reflected light, there is an attempt to understand the chemical composition of what is actually there. Somethi

ng similar is seen from this pit, which is reflecting light.

This is why the attention of the rover has been attracted to it.

The Strange type of material caught attention of the equipment

It is now being tried to identify it through a special device installed in this rover.

But for that, the vehicle needs to be moved very close.

This work is quite risky because in the event of a control glitch, this rover may also fall into a deep hole.

Therefore, this work is being done with great care and slowly so that there is no damage to the vehicle.

When it was first seen, its picture in the camera was not very clear.

There was so much shadow in the surrounding area in the picture that nothing was clear.

Since then this new effort has been started.

Even after making these photos public, Chinese scientists have not released any conclusions about it.

But after seeing the picture, discussion on it has started.

At times, the glass formed during meteorites falls

Just by looking at the picture, the scientists are guessing that even if something is not clear, there is something like a glass.

A similar substance was also found in the Apollo Mission 17 of 1972.

These may be parts of the glass produced in the sky during the meteorite’s rapid fall.

Due to meteorite falling on the earth, this type of glass has been found raining from the sky.

More recently in the Soviet Union, glass rain was caused by the same meteorite, in which many people were also injured.

Research scientists believe that the circumstances that arise during the fall of meteorites are natural.

But it would be wrong to draw any conclusions on this.

It may be that in addition to the glass, a substance like crystal has also been prepared.

But even after not drawing conclusions, this thing glowing inside the moon

has especially increased the interest of scientists.


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