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Bhopal’s honey trap consequences proves big fishes are in net

  • The complainant officer was suspended by senior officer
  • Everyone is aware of something in computer data
  • One thousand video recordings in mobile found
  • People put their full force in pressing the matter
Dr. Naveen Joshi

Bhopal: Bhopal’s honey trap case is oindicating that many big fishes are already in the net.

First victim to hush up the case is the complainant officer of Honey Trap case.

He has been suspended by senoir office of indore municipal corporation.

He is being held immoral after registering a complaint in the Honey Trap case with the police.

It is clear from this that really big people are trapped in this case.

Given the edge of the case, the formation of SIT has been announced.

Seeing the controversy reaching a very high political level, the police has also decided to move forward with caution.

It is revealed and other women from Bhopal and Indore can also be detained at the behest of both the women, who either directly or indirectly worked with this gang or provided help to these women.

Police has found more than 1 thousand pornographic video clips in the mobile phone hard disk etc. from arrested women

As well as 200 such phone numbers have been found in which these women have also talked and chatted many times in the last 15 days.

After revealing this fact, there has been a stir in the political world as well as in the political administrative circles.

Congress and BJP leaders, ministers, former ministers, senior ministers and junior IAS and IPS officers, well-known builders

and contractors associated with these women in some form, as well as

among these high-profile women and victims of black mailing

Winds have started blowing from the faces of middlemen brokers.

Bhopal’s honey trap case exposed many faces of both sides

They are beginning to think that their name will be revealed late in the police investigation and their faces will be exposed to the society.

Some people have even started posting posts on social media doubting each other.

Efforts have also started on a large scale that no further disclosures should be made after the inquiry so far, so this action should somehow be stopped here.

In this high level effort, information about 2-2 ministers of the current and former government is engaged on war footing.

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