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Neanderthal species became extinct due to ear infection

  • The entire human species disappeared from earth with this
  • This was an unresolved question for anthropology
  • Could not find food due to illness and died
  • Homosapien of the same era progressed

New Delhi: Neanderthal species were wiped out of world just due to ear infection.

The mystery of how an ancient human species became extinct from Earth is strange.

Scientists associated with the research of this work have estimated that due to ear infection,

it started disappearing in a gradual manner from the human earth.

The remains of this ancient human Neanderthal species have been found in many areas of the Earth.

Scientific analysis of these fossils has now revealed the magnitude of ear infection.

Researchers have found evidence that ear infections were caused by the disease in children of this species.

This was proven to be fatal eventually due to continuing.

Children’s disease and occasional ear infections during this period are a common practice even today.

But the current medical science is developed, due to which they get treated in time.

But millions of years ago there was no provision for its treatment among humans of that species.

For this reason, once an ear infection occurred, it would continue to grow.

Researchers in anthropology have been searching for the answer to this question for a long time.

It was to know the real cause how Neanderthal species became extinct from Earth.

The question of why this Neanderthal species disappeared when humans from the Homosapien group were able to roam the Earth has long been unanswered.

In this sequence, it was previously suspected that an epidemic like plague would have engulfed the entire species.

But in scientific research, there is no evidence of the end of the entire species from any epidemic.

Neanderthal species disappearnace was an unanswered 

Now a dissertation about this has been published in a scientific journal called Anotomical Record.

It gives the conclusion of the extinction of this species i.e. Neanderthal on Earth, mentioning all those evidences.

Associate Professor at the University of Downstate Health Sciences and co-author of the dissertation, Dr. Samuel Marcuse, stated that humans of that species as well as human models of the current species were prepared and reviewed to understand the entire development.

In this test, it was found that the Neanderthal species of that era had infections in their ears.

Scientists found that due to lack of proper treatment, this ear infection used to take away hearing power.

This led to many other types of infections, which eventually caused the patient to die in the absence of treatment.

On the one hand this species was struggling with this type of disease, on the other hand, humans of Homosapien species were developing better.

Perhaps this is the reason why slowly this species of ancient humans i.e. Neanderthal was completely eradicated while the homosapien species continued to develop and the present humans are descendants of the same species.

This ear infection was continuously affecting the efficiency of that species.

Due to constant ill and suffering, the opportunities to find food also became less.

Due to not getting enough food in a sick state, he eventually went to the become extinct due to continious deaths.


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