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India’s stand on Trump’s offer to mediate on Kashmir issue is clear

New York:India has said that it has already clarified its position ,

on the offer of US President  Donald Trump to mediate

on Kashmir issue.

India has said that it has already clarified its position in this regard.

Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs A. Gitesh Sharma

said this to reporters on Tuesday.

The Secretary said,

“There will be a meeting tomorrow between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US President, we should wait for that.”

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ravish Kumar said,

“Secretary Mr. Sharma has given an answer on this issue.

India has already made its stand clear on this issue.

We should wait for tomorrow’s meeting. ”

Mr. Trump once again said on Monday that India and Pakistan could mediate on the Kashmir issue if they wanted,

and a joint correspondent with Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Monday.

Addressing the conference, the US President said,

“If I can help,

I will, if both India and Pakistan wish.

I am ready to help. ”

Significantly, Mr. Trump has offered arbitration on the Kashmir issue many times before,

but India has consistently rejected it.

Earlier, Mr. Trump yesterday attended a ‘Howdy Modi’ event with

Mr. Modi in Pruston and criticized hardcore Islamic terrorism while jointly addressing the diaspora in the US.

The two leaders will have an important bilateral meeting on Wednesday.

Imran Khan discussed with Trump on Kashmir issue

The issue was discussed by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan

with US President Donald Trump.

Donald has also made it clear to Trump that he can mediate only if both parties agree to it.

India has already made it clear that this is its internal issue.

Therefore, there can be no initiative on their behalf without India’s consent.

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