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Dinosaurs were attacked and killed by giant size crocodiles

  • This giant sized crocodile used to hunt dinosaurs
  • New details of life of ancient earth revealed
  • This situation on Earth millions years ago
  • Both creatures were giants in shape
  • Fossils research found information

New Delhi: Dinosaurs were considered the most dangerous predator animals of their era.

But it also had some species that were completely vegetarian.

It is now learned that these vegetarian dinosaurs were also hunted.

This attack used to be huge size crocodiles.

Researchers have found that in case of hunting such crocodiles sometimes attacked predatory dinosaurs and killed them.

This research has revealed a new species of dinosaur era which was similar to the crocodiles of the present day but their sizes were very large.

Scientists have now reached this conclusion after continuous research on fossil remains found from different parts of the earth.

Research scientist Rick Tollchard from the University of South Africa associated with this research has recorded the gradual developments of this period.

In those times there used to be such crocodiles. In the event of further development of this research, this whole development was gradually revealed.

The species of crocodile that hunted the dinosaurs was known as Rousuchians.

By the way, the huge vegetarian dinosaurs that are being discussed here

have been seen by many of us in the cinema of Jurassic Park series.

Research has concluded that this species lived on Earth about 210 million years ago.

They were wiped out due to various reasons during the period of turmoil in the earth.

Now, the history and life cycle of that era is also becoming clear as the remains of these are being obtained during the ongoing excavations around the world.

Dinosaur remains in all areas except Antarctica

This theory is confirmed by the few fossils that researchers have found in areas of South Africa.

The teeth, jaws, and claws of all these species have also been found in bones.

The research team has also explained its findings in detail in the journal of African Earth Science.

The research team estimates that these vegetarian dinosaurs of this period were about ten meters long.


Their teeth also used to be similar to those of vegetarian animals.

Even after being vegetarian and surrounded by aggressive carnivores, this species spread throughout the world.

The remains discovered so far have been found in all areas except Antarctica.

From the remains of this species, it has been revealed that there was another animal hunting them, which was not a dinosaur.

On the basis of this research, when scientific facts and samples of other

fossils were examined, it was found that an animal of crocodile category was found.

It was similar in appearance to the current crocodile but was much larger in size.

It is understandable that it was not possible for a small animal to kill and kill a ten meter long creature.

The crocodile that killed such a huge creature was also huge

Remains of dinosaurs hunted by these ancient crocodiles have also been found at many places.

On the basis of which scientists have concluded this.

About two hundred million years ago, due to some reasons, these dinosaurs

of the vegetarian species also ended abruptly despite being in large numbers in the earth.

The reasons for the abrupt termination of this species have not been properly disclosed.

But scientists believe that some changes in the Earth’s atmosphere during that period or due to meteorite rains started the process of ending this species.

On the other hand, meteorites were clearly the reason for the huge size of crocodiles and other water creatures ending up in one stroke.

During the fall of the meteorites, the glass that was prepared on the sky was covered in water in such a way that all the lives in the water were ended by its grip.

Even after that, dinosaurs ruled the earth for a long time.

Due to the sudden meteorite rain that caused changes on Earth, the entire dinosaur species disappeared from the earth in a single stroke.

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