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Former Chief Minister Babu Lal stunned BJP with his massive rally

  • The discussion gets momentum about the huge crowd
  • Government officials were busy counting vehicles
  • Two big leaders are in jail but supporters came
  • New organization in the areas of six MLAs


Ranchi: Former Chief Minister Babulal has alerted a big group of BJP with his massive rally at ranchi.

He made it very clear that underestimating him was BJP‘s fault.

The administration also made full preparations to monitor this rally.

Many officers were also engaged for this work to keep an account of where small and big vehicles have come from this rally.

The arrival of so many people from all over the state with their own arrangements was a big thing in itself.

Especially those who started calling Mr. Marandi weak, they are now giving changed statements after the crowd gathered in the rally.
Former Chief Minister of the state Babu Lal Marandi has started a new work culture not only in the rally but also in cleaning the grounds after the rally.

After yesterday’s rally, today he himself reached the cleaning of the ground with a broom in his hand.

He was accompanied by party workers.

The garbage collected during the rally was cleaned.

It is evident that after this initiative of Mr. Marandi, now the leaders of other parties will also have to pay full attention to the issue of cleanliness.
This rally of Jharkhand Vikas Morcha reached the line of successful rallies while its two big leaders Pradeep Yadav and Bandhu Tirkey are lodged in jails these days.

Thousands of supporters from both the areas attended yesterday’s rally even after both these leaders were in jail.

Comparison of this rally with government rallies is also better understood because the attendees came from their own arrangements.

Usually, this work is done by the administration in the rally of big leaders of BJP.
But what reports the officials posted for counting the vehicles outside the rally have not been clear to the government.

Former Chief minister Mr. Babulal Marandi’s show of strength

According to estimates, in this rally, except for small vehicles, about 12 hundred big vehicles from all over the state had reached Prabhat Tara Maidan school ground.

The show of strength of Former Chief minister Mr. Babulal Marandi is a big challenge especially for the BJP just before the assembly elections.

Even after his six MLAs ran away after last election, Mr. Marandi again proved on the pretext of this rally that he still has a better hold on the ground than other leaders.

In spite of not having six MLAs in this order, in all those areas, He have been successful in raising his organization with renewed vigor.

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