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Airstrikes in Libya killed seventeen IS militants

Tripoli: Airstrikes in Libya have occurred again.

Airstrikes in southwestern Libya killed 17 Islamic State (IS) militants.

The US Africa Command (Afrikom) gave this information on Friday.

Afrikom said in a statement,

“The US Africa Command, in coordination with the Libyan government,

took action against IS militants

by carrying out airstrikes in Libya on 26 September.

The attack killed 17 terrorists and did not harm any civilians.”

Afrikom director Heidi Berg said,

” As part of this operation, the US Africa Command destroyed IS bases in Libya.

We will continue to take such action further in the region and keep Libya safe.

“This sequence of air strikes in Libya has been started after a gap of few days.

Even before this,

there was work done to push the rebels back by doing this type of airstrikes.

However, due to this type of war-like situation there,

many citizens have to leave their homes and run away.

In fact, in the midst of aggressive attitude on both sides,

ordinary citizens are the victims of this type of violence.

Local people complain about the airstrikes that at times civilian targets have also been targeted under this.

This type of situation once again made it clear that the rebels still hold their dominance in the land areas.

To end this,airstrikes are being carried out.

Only after the rebels were repulsed from these areas,the infantry there is advancing.

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