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An Ancient continent Adria is lying beneath Europe

  • Many mountains were built in Europe for this reason
  • Geologists discovered eighth continent of the world
  • Evidence proved after ten years of discovery
  • Earlier all the land of the earth was together

New Delhi: An ancient continent has been buried under Europe.

The name of this continent was Greater Adria Geologists have discovered this missing continent based on various facts.

Know that the present structure of the Earth is due to several geographical upheavals.

Otherwise, the shape of the ancient earth was somewhat different.

Many geologists have been researching this for the last ten years.

After getting some indications, the work of collecting evidence and proving this theory was going on.

Now, on the basis of geographical evidence available in many places between Spain and Iran, this continent has been confirmed to be beneath Europe.

Information about this is given in the journal Gondwana Research, run by Indian scientists.

Its evidence has been analyzed in a systematic manner in detail, citing the scientists associated with this research.

Due to this, the present continent of Europe has revealed the existence of another ancient continent, Adria.

Researchers have described how this huge piece of land broke away from North Africa and entered the earth and this huge plot of land still exists under the land of South Europe.

An anecient continent was almost Greenland in size

In size it is almost as big as green land.

We also had to gather evidence to find it buried under Europe
Named as the eighth continent of Earth, Greater Adria separated from its original plot about two hundred million years ago.

Prof. Dawe van Hinsbergen, the leader of the research team, has said that this is probably the largest plot of land separated from the Earth’s original land due to the turmoil on Earth.

Prof. Hinsbergen is currently associated with the Department of Global Tectonics and Polygeography at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Even after occupying most of the land, a piece of it is above the surface of the ground.

This piece travels from the Austrian sea to Italy via Turin.

According to the research team, in fact, this part of Italy is only part of the original Greater Adrea continent which has remained above ground.

In the part where it has sunk underground, the seas are less deep.

Many corals have also developed in these areas due to this reason.

The rock fragments of this continent exist in areas of low depths even inside the sea.

Now after assessing its condition, it is believed that it is actually

embedded in the Alps Mountains, Utrecht, Oslo and parts of Zurich.

Perhaps the reason for the upheaval at that time is probably the result of the collapse of this huge plot that huge mountain ranges have emerged in many areas.

Computer model was also prepared and facts were tested

Scientists have also developed a computer model for analyzing the facts and evidence obtained in their research.

For this, specially designed software G-plates have been used.

Based on the model of this huge plot, it is understood that thirty countries can be accommodated easily inside it.

That is, the part, which is buried under the ground, may also contain the culture, locality and other social evidence of at least thirty countries.

Because of these differences, it has taken scientists ten years to identify and draw conclusions.

Researchers explain the entire development and clarify that Africa, Antarctica, South America, Australia developed only after the oldest plots separated from the Gondwana plate.

They were all separated from the Gondwana plate.

When this subsidence began to occur inside the land portion of Europe, many places have survived as islands in the middle.

Even after being closest to Africa, this ancient continent was a sea between Greater Adria.

When this series of earth’s turmoil started, the whole area slowly subsided under the plot of Eurasia.

During this time, many areas of Europe continued to rise and large mountains were born due to this turmoil.

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