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Smart phone dependency will also put you into depression

  • This time the symptoms were tested in the youth
  • Research has already been done on children
  • Check yourself and be careful in time
  • Can lead into serious trouble

New Delhi: Smart phone have definitely made many of our lives easy.

The biggest thing is that we are constantly in touch with our people and doing other things as well.

Information technology-based work of office work also does not get delayed unnecessarily due to the passing of smart phone.

A lot of this type of work can be tackled on your own.

But now scientific research is considering more dependence on smart phone as a sign of danger.

Research has found that due to being more involved in smart phone, man gradually becomes lonely.

This causes symptoms of depression on his mind.

Researchers have also indicated the early detection of that disease.

This has been done so that those who wish to dispose of all their work as soon as possible on the basis of smart phone can understand the impact on their mind in time.

It has been found in scientific research that in fact, over-reliance on smart phone only cuts off the people from the people and especially the society.

It has already been proven that the excessive use of smart phone in children makes them suffer from depression.

Recently, in a conference held in Ranchi, ophthalmologists have termed smart phone as dangerous for the eyes of children.

Experts have said that if the child’s eye is to be protected from disease, then do not let him stay near the mobile for more than two hours a day.

Smart phone use increased so this research was done

Now this research has been done on the younger generation after children.

Currently, smart phone have become an important contributor to the growth of the younger generation.

They are more dependent on this in their desire to complete all the work of their office fast.

In view of this situation, the scientists had pushed this research forward.

The mental pressure that emerges in the desire to get ahead fast in life by constantly working pushes the youth towards loneliness due to smart phone.

In fact, in the desire to prove them better by doing more work, such young people also consider it a waste of time by talking to people.

Such people feel that due to smart phone, more and more work can be done in their life.

This is the beginning of this mental illness.

This research was done by Matthew Lepierre of the University of Arizona and his team.

Under this, the survey was conducted between 18 to 20 years of youth.

A total of 346 people were brought under its purview.

Scientists have concluded this only after examining all kinds of questions and symptoms.

They have come to the conclusion after examining every type that the dependence of smart phone for every task is giving rise to disease.

Scientists have also explained its initial symptoms

If you never fret in the event of it never working, then you should understand that the smart phone is starting to adversely affect your brain.

In such a situation you should spend more time among your friends and society by staying away from smart phone.

Outside this obscure world, the experience of the world of reality is something else, which is absolutely necessary due to man being a social animal.

The findings of this research have been published in a journal called Adolescent Health.

In this, the details of all things and the criteria of conclusions are also disclosed.

Researchers have highlighted the mental side effects of this equipment in a very scientific way.

It has been concluded that if you get irritated in case of no work due to this equipment or not talking to any one due to its failure.

Then it is a symptom of the onset of the disease.

During this time, the person especially the youth should be on alert and start taking care of himself.

After not stopping it in the initial stage and giving the mentality a chance to deteriorate, the situation worsens further.

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