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Hearing and target fixing is a genetic speciallity

  • Research revealed this genetic similarity
  • Bats hunt in the sky with this only capability
  • This is what the whale in the sea do
  • Deafness treatment will also be possible

New Delhi: Hearing and moving towards a target is present in many beings.

Humans can not or may not decide their target by this hearing.

But due to this, the hunting creatures are completely dependent on it.

Whenever this situation is interrupted, such creatures deviate from its target.

For example, we can take bats. It hunts in the dark of night.

We know that its not capable to see properly in daylight.

Even after this, he is able to determine the right direction and speed from the signals he gets by Hearing.

On the other hand, sea creatures like whale and dolphin in the deep sea also hear from far away and decide their direction and goal.

It is also important to listen to their hunting.

Even because of this quality, he listens to know where and in which condition his partner is.

A team of scientists from Stanford University has done a lot of research on this.

Based on the data found in it, they are also preparing a computer model of it now.

Their research concludes that genetic method is particularly responsible for its ability to set its target by listening.

In the course of this research, scientists have identified 18 types of special genes, which help the animals for this work.

Hearing signal is sent to brain by bunch of nerves

It has been found in the test that the signals from these genes reach the brain from the ear through a group of nerves.

On the basis of the completion of this sequence, the mind of life decides on which side and how to reach it.

Hearing such creatures recognize that the sounds they are able to hear are food or danger for them.

They also find out the presence of their fellow beings by listening to them.

In the dark darkness of night, when bats seek out small insect moths or mosquitoes, this search is done by listening.

All these petty lives are his food. They attack by knowing the position and location of their food well.

It is a matter of sky, there is a similar situation in the depths of the sea.

Inside the sea, creatures such as whale or dolphin also identify their prey by listening and target and attack.

Biological variation even after genetic similarity 

This question prompted scientists to research why two different conditions have the same commonality.

After analyzing all the data, he has come to the conclusion that due to the similarity of genes, they all do the same thing even under different conditions.

After understanding this, scientists believe that on the basis of this, the problem of deafness of humans can also be overcome in future.

Scientists have found that despite this genetic similarity, there have been genetic changes in animals living in different conditions according to their needs.

But due to these genetic similarities, the quality of deciding your goal by listening is the same.

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