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New life has got response at moon for the first time

  • China’s change-4 experiment successfull this time
  • China’s moon rover sprouted cotton plants
  • First time this test failed due to cold
  • Big step towards expected life

New Delhi: New life has started on the moon.

Never before had this happened.

According to scientific understanding, life there is not possible due to the atmosphere of the moon.

China’s Moon mission rover Change-4 has made this impossible possible.

With the help of this rover, the second time there has been successful.

Cotton can be grown there. Because of this achievement,

it can now be said that the moon is no longer void of life.

Despite not having a natural life there, it has been possible to

create a life which is generally natural by the Chinese expedition.

After this experiment was successful, the head of this research team,

Jae Zingjing, has informed about it.

He has said that cotton flowers can be grown only in the controlled

environment but only on the moon. He has given detailed

information about this entire hypothesis for the first time.

Remember that the seeds and insects sent earlier under this lunar

mission died in the extreme cold there.

The cotton plant had grown, but due to extreme cold, it had also died in the first time.

New life is a part of chinese experiment on moon

Under this lunar mission, China sent seeds of many kinds of plants

and very small size insect moths inside a special type of box.

They were sealed in a special type of box and sent safely.

After landing the rover  there, all the plants and moths present in

them died due to cold.

But cotton plants developed during the closure inside the box.

But this sequence could not go on for long and the cotton plant also died due to extreme cold.

Even after this result, Chinese scientists were not disappointed.

They continued the experiments according to its predetermined schedule.

It has been told for the first time that only three kg weight was allowed with this special box.

For this reason, which plants and insect moths should be sent inside this box, it was selected with great care.

In addition to cotton seeds in this box, scientists thoughtfully sent

the seeds of some other plants including potatoes.

All of them died due to cold soon after reaching there.

But the cotton plant managed to struggle in the environment there.

It was second experiment after the first one failed

This experiment was not abandoned even after the cotton plants died in the first phase.

Scientists did this experiment again from inside this particular type of box.

This time during the day on the moon, there has been good news of cotton seeds growing.

On the basis of this achievement, scientists believe that this is the

first time that it can be said that this is the first life, which has grown

and developed on the moon even after being in a controlled state.

Experts consider it an important achievement in terms of life on the moon.

It was stopped because it was a 14-day night on the moon.

This experiment was repeated once again after the sunlight returned to the moon.

This attempt has been reported to be successful this time.

This has given new information towards exploring the possibilities

of life on the moon.

It is hoped that on the basis of this research, the idea of ​​establishing

life on the moon can be further enhanced.

For the first time, it is learned that in fact, scientists wanted to send

turtle there as well under this experiment.

But due to limited availability of oxygen there, the tortoise was not

sent because it alone would have consumed more oxygen.

In that case the oxygen present there could only work for 20 days.

Chinese scientists wanted to continue this research further.


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