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Brain power helped a paralysed youth to stand on his feet

  • Perfect use of brain and machine mutual coordination
  • Use of modern technology proved to be a boon
  • The man was handicapped for four years
  • Sensors put on his brain carefully

New Delhi: Brain power of a disabled youth made himself standing.

He is not only standing but he can do many works by himself.

Earlier he was become completely handicapped in terms of medical science.

He did not even have the power to stand on his own.

But modern science has given him this revolutionary power to stand and walk.

With this use on one man alone, it can now be believed that every handicapped capable of thinking and understanding can walk in future.

Thiboldt (name changed) was completely handicapped after being injured in a horrific road accident. This incident dates back four years.

The doctors had somehow saved his life, but due to the accident, he was considered completely disabled.

The incident reported that this 28-year-old youth had fallen from the balconi while working.

He was hurt in many places due to falling from high altitude.

In this sequence, his spine was also severely damaged.

Even after saving his life, the doctors could not fix his damaged spine.

Because of this, the signals emanating from his brain could not reach other parts of his body.

He was suffering from complete paralysis in terms of doctors.

Who had no hope of standing again.

After this situation was discovered, researchers at the University of Grenoble (France) started preparing to try their method.

For this, two sensors were first installed in his mind two years ago.

With the help of these sensors, it was found that his brain was able to send signals correctly.

Brain power was measured by two sensors

These sensors were placed on either side of the sensimotor cortex of the brain.
This part of the brain controls all other activities of the body.

After confirmation of receiving the right signal from there, further preparations were made.

All the signals received from there were recorded one by one and based on them analyzed in the computer structure.

Scientists worked with great patience in understanding which signal is giving some instructions.

After all the work is done,

it is seen that the computer is taking only 350 milliseconds to understand and analyze its instructions.

After this, the work of preparing the outer cover for his body was started.

This mechanical cover was made to work.

This has been termed as exeskeleton.

A method was put in it that after receiving the signal, the parts in this mechanical cover could work separately or together.

On the basis of this mechanical cover, this patient started doing all the work even after not standing on his feet.

To put it into practice, the patient also had to do a lot of practice so that his brain power is well syncronised with his own mechanical cover and the computer signals.

This was not an easy task.

But the unstoppable desire to stand again prompted the patient to do so.

During the test, the patient was also given training to do different tasks in a sequential manner for the next 24 months.

Gradually, he also started doing all the work correctly.

After all these successes, information about this test has been published in the Lancet Neurology Journal last Friday.

Scientists consider this achievement as revolutionary

Scientists consider it a revolutionary achievement.

Regarding this research, scientist and professor Tom Shakespeare said that being able to operate all parts of the patient, this is a really big achievement.

Pro. Shakespeare is associated with the London School of Hygiene and the Department of Tropical Medicine.

Scientists have assumed that a lot of work is already being done with the help of robotics.

But this type of mechanical operation is the first and revolutionary event in itself with the help of mind thinking of a human being.brain power of the man himself

Now after this test, this can be taken as a great hel[p for paralysed people.

Such disable people who can think and who has a perfect brain power function can be benefitted.

The freedom to do their work with the help of mechanical devices fitted outside the body is going to prove to be a boon for such patients.

But further improvement is still needed to implement this work. But this will take more time to be perfect.


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