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New genetic technology to produce 2.5 time more milk

  • Such a method was developed using genetic improvement
  • India’s cattle owners will now benefit more with this
  • Now a cow can give birth to a baby till 14
  • Increase production of livestock and milk

New Delhi: New genetic technology is now going to benefit

Indian cattle ranchers. Genetic improvements have been going on

for a long time in all organisms.

Now the livestock technology company Tropical Animal Genetics

(TAG) has developed a new technology through which cows can

be milked by breeding them and producing two and a half times

more milk calf.

The company is also trying to develop such new technology with

the inspiration and support of the National Dairy Development

Board (NDDB) to increase the rate of pregnant cow by 60-70

percent. A calf produced with the help of genetics and

biotechnology provides two and a half times more milk than a

normal cow.

Founder and Managing Director of TAG, Dr. Praveen Kinney said

that technically a cow can be pregnant up to the age of 14 years.

Through their patented technique, Tropical Bovine Genetics

(TBG), cows can be pregnant up to the age of 14 and be fed milk

for almost their entire lives. He said that with the help of the

technique of imbryo transplantation in cows, only female imbryo

or sexed imbryo can be displaced.

It has also been named Sexted Embrao Technique.

This new genetic technique ensures the birth of a calf which

becomes a cow that gives more milk in the future. A cow is about

15 years old.

Factory set up in Sabarmati, Gujarat

Dr. Kinney informed that his company, established in the year

2015, has set up an embryonic brun factory at Sabarmati Ashram

(Gaushala) in Gujarat through which there is a provision for

industrial production of imbryo. From there, the imbryo can be

produced and used in the cows for imbryo transplantation or the

cows in the cowshed can be transplanted into them to produce by


This embryo production unit has a capacity of producing five

thousand imbryo which is planned to be taken up to a capacity

of 20000 in future. Gaushala is being conceptualized with the

latest technology, which has yielded very encouraging results.

He said that due to poor genetics, milk production from cows is

reduced, but the cow calf conceived with their new genetic

technology gives milk more than two and a half times that of its


He said that the cow which gives calf and calf after giving birth to

one thousand liters of milk, can give up to four thousand liters of

milk of a cow impregnated with their technology.

Dr. Kinney explained that in the factory set up through them, only

imbryo technique. If a cow is also a calf, it too is reared instead of

being left open to the conception of cows and they also become a

source of income for the farmers.

The calves born with this technique are also of advanced quality

through which good quality calves are born from cows that are


New genetic technology is a help in farming

Inaccessible and unopposed cows can also be pregnant with this

technique, which will also prevent damage to farmers’ crops from

open animals.

Dr. Kinney said that the objective of his company is to provide

cows of right genetics to the milk producing farmers in the country

so that the farmers can achieve prosperous and happy life.

He explained that his pioneering innovations in this field are

strategic and technical partnerships with Transovagenetics Inc. of

America, Roslin Institute-University of Edinburgh, Indian Institute

of Science, Indian Institute of Technology Madras and National

Center for Biological Sciences.

He said that he plans to set up his own laboratories in North India

and South India so that more and more quantity of brun can be

made and the cows are pregnant and farmers can be benefited.

Brun production in large numbers will also reduce their price.

He also wants to assist the gaushalas and groups of farmers in

producing brun through their special technique so that the farmers

can get the maximum benefit from this important livestock by

having the cows themselves. He is also running rural

entrepreneurship programs so that by providing vocational

technical training, jobs can be created. Dr. Kinney said that the

government is constantly striving for the development of farmers.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the

development of the country is dependent on the progress of

Keeping in mind the increase in the income of livestock owners

He said that the mission of TAG is to generate new sources of

income in the Indian agriculture sector as per the government’s

plan. Under this, through new techniques, the genetics of cows are

to improve milk production.

The company is confident that its technology will be successful

and will prove to be a milestone in increasing farmers’ income.


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