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Quantum computing entering into new era with John Martini design

  • Google’s new invention will change the computer world
  • Much smaller than supercomputer but smaller in size
  • Excess data contained in a small chip
  • Preparation to add more data collection to it

New Delhi: Quantum computing is the most talked

about topic of the present era. Now a new link is going

to be added to it. Google’s materials science scientist

John Martini has done this amazingly. Google’s

Artificial Intelligence research team and scientists

from the University of California Santa Barbara

have collaborated in this.

This device, working on the theory of quantum mechanics of

materials science, can change the whole computer world.

In the initial testing, when this machine was tested, it proved

to be much faster than even the fastest working supercomputers.

An article has been published in the Nature Journal about this.

In which it is told that the design of the machine solved such

a difficult question in three and a half minutes, which could

take ten thousand years for the computers of the present era.

This proves that this machine is going to be used for scientific

calculations in the coming days. This is going to be a new

revolution in the computer world.

This design has been described as Google’s Sycamore processor.

After the arrival of this new machine, the face of the computer

world can also change because when a machine can pinch

so many calculations it will increase more and more usage

in the field of cloud computing.

This will reduce the use of traditional computers. It is being

considered as a significant achievement for Google

as well as America.

Some information about it was leaked in NASA’s website.

As soon as the attention of the people was drawn to it,

it was immediately removed from the web site.

After that, this dissertation has come before the people.

Quantum computing fastest speed revealed

After this test was successful, Caltex scientist John Prescill

said that the facts were discussed in principle till now.

Now is the time for their action. After this one design, new

dimensions will be added to it in a sequential manner.

By the way, after the information of this new research is

revealed, the competitors of Google are also working fast

in this direction. It is understood that IBM is also developing

quantum machines on its own behalf on this technique.

About which no formal information has been given so far.

After the dissertation was published, Google chief Sundar Pichai

described it as a new milestone in the computer world.

This method has been described in that at this molecular level,

the particles carry energy from one place to another.

Since this work is done at a very fast speed, all the work based

on it starts accelerating.

Due to work at the molecular level, the size is also small

Informants have given a simple information about how this

can be accelerated in computer work. Computers of the first era

worked only on bits, which were based on a single electrical

or optical pulse. This one bit contained either zero or 1. Later,

it was further improved.

The first computers of that era could store 242944 bytes of

data in a floppy disk. But in today’s era, Apple’s iPhone 11

can store 64 trillion bytes at its rate. In this manner, as the

machines became smaller, the data preservation machine has

also become progressively smaller after being developed.

In the present era, when supercomputers were prepared,

their size was like two tennis courts. It could have been the

task of calculating and analyzing a lot of data together and

preserving them. But now in quantum method this work will

not be based only on 0 and 1.

Due to the addition of new dimensions in it, many numbers

can be added or analyzed together in a bit. This is why the

working speed of the machine has been so fast. Keeping data

in this method is called quantum bit or cubit.

But in this order, its size has also become very small.

By the way, scientists believe that this machine is still

in its initial stage, where it cannot fix any computational

error itself. In such a situation, a soft noise will be heard

inside the machine and it can also become hot and stop.

Google scientists also want to increase its capacity

In the machine about which information has been provided

by Google, 54 cubits mentioned above can be counted i

nside the machine. To keep its chip cool, it is placed inside

a freeze, the temperature inside of which is almost zero.

This makes the machine work at a very fast speed.

The funny thing is that all this data is stored in a small

silicon chip inside the machine.

Due to this structure, its size has also been reduced.

Initial testing has revealed several technical glitches.

Scientists associated with this project are working to rectify

those technical glitches. It is learned that this work could

have been completed earlier also.

But due to the fire in the forests there, the laboratory here

had to be closed. Due to this, work has been delayed.

After undergoing preliminary testing, scientists want to add

a figure of one thousand cubits to its chip structure.

This will speed up the working of this quantum computer.


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