Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
Road accident can be avoided with this new technology
  • The device detects the movement of light
  • The method based on the shadow camera
  • Research is being done for faster control
  • MIT researchers developed this new method

New Delhi: Road accident is one of the most leading causes of death.

In fact, in high-speed vehicles, often a very strong collision occurs

when they do not see each other coming.

Scientists of MIT have developed a method that will avoid this

danger to a great extent.

With the technology that has been developed, any vehicle coming

from any angle lashes already detects other object.

Due to this forecast, it can also stop itself.

This method has also been tried in cars.

This method has been successful in testing.

While developing it in the laboratory, scientists were the first to

try it inside the laboratory.

A robot coming from a corridor was lashed by this technique.

This robot sensed the person or activities standing at the end

of the corridor which was not visible at all.

Sensing a movement, it stopped himself.

Researchers have told about this method that it is possible to see

the movement of an object due to its shade reflection,

from an angle that is not visible.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have also

made preparations to publicly demonstrate this method.

It has also been tried in a parking lot before it was demonstrated

at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and

Systems (IROS). In which it has been successful.

It was tested on a wheel chair in the lab corridor.

It was later tried on a car in the parking lot.

Road accident prevention done by light

Those who developed this method have stated that this method is

actually faster than the already developed Light Detection and

Ranging (LIDAR) method.

In the test it has been recorded the result of responding half

a second before the pre-developed method.

It has been told that the shadow of any movement is noticed

by its own shadow camera.

This shadow camera senses the shadow falling on the ground

in front of its path.

Because of this prediction, the device stops the vehicle moving with it.

The working of this method has been told that the camera of

this device captures the changes in light rays.

Due to the information of this movement reaching the sensor

of the device, the device stops the motion.

Researchers have reported that when the reflected light from

an invisible area suddenly decreases, the device senses the

activity occurring in front.

According to the understanding of common people, as soon

as the information of this activity is reached, the traffic signal

inside the device becomes like a red light.

Then when everything is fine, the device starts giving green signal again.

Co-author of a dissertation published about this, Daniela Rus says

that robots are working in an area where there are other robots or


Green and red signals function like traffic signals

In such a situation, it is more important to stop this type of collision.

Otherwise, a collision between two robots or a human with a

robot can occur in such intersection numa corridors.

Being effective with this method will prevent that situation completely.

After trying it on the robot in the laboratory, when it was tested on the vehicles,

there too, by sensing the light of the vehicle coming from

an invisible angle, the vehicle started stopping itself.

Due to this, the collision of both the cars was avoided.

Scientists associated with this research now want to develop it further

so that it can be properly and properly used even under high speed

conditions to make it more perfect to avoid road accident in fast roads.

For this, work is underway on ways to further improve the method

of capturing light movements.

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