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Army Dog became hero after playing major role Baghdadi encounter

  • This army dog has also been injured in the attack
  • Donald Trump said he is the American Hero
  • Opponents said he doen’nt have a pet
  • Will soon return to USA

Washington: Army Dog played the most prominent role in killing

Baghdadi, the IS terrorist. It was this dog that made the work of

soldiers easy. However, he himself has also been injured in this

attack. Treatment of injured dog is going on The death of Baghdadi

has now been confirmed by IS as well. Because of this, now this

dog has emerged as a hero in the case of the elimination of Baghdadi.

As such, the US military is exercising confidentiality about the

Army dog’s identity and name. It has been reported that this US army

dog who played the most prominent role in the attack has also been



President Donald Trump, who is busy in the battle of the presidential

election, has also made an exercise in favor of this dog’s popularity.

He has tried to show himself with this dog in a Morph (artificial)

photo on the computer. In fact, his opponents have also termed it

as an attempt by Trump to do all possible popularity in his favor.

Meanwhile, only information has come that this military dog will

be brought to the US next week in the injured state.

The dog was in the front line with the team when the US commandos

stormed Baghdadi’s secret hideout in Syria. The only thing mentioned

about this dog is that it belongs to the Belgian Malinios species.

He is simply called Konan to keep his identity a secret.

This secrecy has also been taken so that it is not known which troop

of the Commando Squad has carried out this attack there. Confirming

the death of Baghdadi, the IS has also said to avenge the death.

US army attacking bagdadi

Army Dog earned respect by showing bravery

After the picture of Donald Trump with the dog, there has also been

discussion that Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the

last one hundred years to not own a dog. On the other hand, military

sources have said that this dog was the first to pounce on the runaway

Baghdadi during the attack. Along with Baghdadi, who blew himself

up with explosives tied to his body, his three children were also killed.

This dog has also been injured in this explosion.

Confirming the incident, US Army Joint Chief General Mark Miley

said the dog’s condition was stable. It is expected that it will be fully

healthy. She is currently with her handlers and is undergoing

treatment. It is believed that the dog is going to be honored with

gallantry after the US President displays him a medal, describing him

as an American Hero, after he is fully recuperated and returned to America.

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