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Both Congress and Pawar will sit in opposition at maharastra

  • Shiv Sena’s attitude now loosened
  • Many Congressmen protested
  • Shivsena had already proposed

Mumbai: Both Congress and Pawar have made it clear that they

will sit in opposition, respecting the mandate. After this decision of

both the major parties, the Shiv Sena’s dream of forming an

alternative government has collapsed.

Several Shiv Sena leaders met NCP leader Sharad Pawar in this

regard. Sharad Pawar had contacted close relatives of Mrs Sonia

Gandhi in this regard. The leadership of both parties believe

that moving ahead in this type of politics will be a decision to

tarnish its image among the public. Therefore, both Congress and

NCP leader Sharad Pawar have announced to sit in the opposition.

Earlier, several Congress leaders had also publicly opposed the

proposal to enter into any kind of alliance with the Shiv Sena.

At the Congress level, all the things went to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

This decision was taken only after that. After the Congress decision,

NCP chief Sharad Pawar has made it clear that his party will sit

in the opposition. He said that the public has chosen us as the

opposition. On Thursday, when he met Shiv Sena leader

Sanjay Raut, he said that Raut had met me, but there was no talk

about Shiv Sena. Earlier, Maharashtra Congress leaders have been

saying that if the Shiv Sena comes to ask for support, then we

will consider it. The Maharashtra Congress leaders may have

given a statement on supporting the Shiv Sena, but the party l

eadership is against it.


Both congress and pawar announced it loudly

On Friday, a meeting was held at the residence of Congress President

Sonia Gandhi on the issue of supporting the Shiv Sena. State unit

leaders believe that the party should support the Shiv Sena to form

the government, but the Congress leadership does not want to take

a hasty decision. Former Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan, Balasaheb

Thorat, Manirov Thackeray and Prithviraj Chauhan were present

in the meeting held at Sonia Gandhi’s house. Balasaheb Thorat,

who was involved in the meeting, said that after the assembly

elections, we had to report everything to Sonia Gandhi.

Today we gave all the reports of the assembly elections to them.

After the meeting of the Shiv Sena Legislature Party on Thursday,

when Sanjay Raut met Sharad Pawar, the discussions in political

circles started gaining momentum. On behalf of Sanjay Raut, it has

been described as just Diwali meeting, but its message went

much further.


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