• These tribals were at a camp at north tripura near mizoram
  • Central Government stopped Ration and payment
  • Govt’s Decision to close camp by 30 November
  • Movement intensified as nformation came
Bhupen Goswami

Guwahati: Seven Bru refugees died of starvation.

The latest death has been reported of today.

This report came out in a delayed form from the refugee camps

in Tripura.

These Seven bru refugess include a four month old baby also.

According to late reports from these camps, so far seven people

have been reported dead in this camp of North Tripura district

in recent times.

All these people are victims of hunger.

Soon after this information came on Monday, there was a sensation

in the administrative section.

At the government level, these deaths are being denied as starvation.

Organizations directly connected to these camps claim the death of these refugees from hunger.

It is being claimed that three people are still admitted in hospitals due to the same problem, which is being treated.

By the time the information about these deaths came, political agitation has started increasing in the area.

There have also been agitations like road jam on this issue along the border of Mizoram.

There is a demand of the people living in the refugee camps that they should continue to provide free ration to the first.

In fact, instructions were issued for these refugees to return to their original residence from there.

But they are not returning from the camps as conditions are not favorable for return.

On the other hand, after this withdrawal order, facilities for their ration and financial assistance have been stopped.

MBDPF general secretary Bruno Masa, present in the refugee camp,

told reporters on mobile that there is also a four-month-old baby starving.

Seven bru deaths claimed from the camp itself

He died in Hamsapada camp this morning. The death toll has increased to seven.

SDO of Kanchanpur Abhedanand Vaidya said that cases of starvation

deaths are being investigated. If needed, special investigation will be

done. Actually, the central government had already decided to close

these camps in Tripura. These refugees are to return to Mizoram.


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