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BJP leadership want to put a control over AJSU at jharkhand

  • Incidents of Maharashtra will affect the entire country
  • Ajsu has been in government since the formation of the state
  • Sudesh and Raghuvar Das’s relationship worse than before

New Delhi: BJP leadership is going to cut the claim of Ajsu seats.

After Maharashtra’s activities in Delhi, the discussion has intensified on not

getting caught in this type of trap again.

In this sequence, it has come to be filtered from inside, that Ajsu here should be

given at least seats under the alliance. Its real purpose is to get a majority on its

own. So that after winning the election, no decision has to be taken on the basis

of Azu for majority. If sources are to be believed, the top leadership of the BJP

may allow Ajsu to give up to eight seats in Jharkhand this time.

There is a clear strategy on the future of many big leaders who have joined the

party in recent times, only to consider giving tickets to new leaders who are

likely to win. In this sequence, the leaders who have joined the party only for

tickets, their wings can also be cut. Actually in this sequence, it has come to the

issue of AJSU that in recent times, BJP has joined many big leaders of Congress,

JMM and RJD. The political stature of all these leaders is bigger than that of

Sudesh Mahato. In such a situation, these big leaders should take full advantage

of being in the party so that after securing majority on their own strength, they do

not have to kneel in front of any illegitimate demand of AJSU. Presently, the

party is already making up its mind to face the pressure of Shiv Sena in


BJP leadership had already heavy price for it

Since the formation of the state of Jharkhand, the BJP has had to depend on

AJSU on every such occasion. This time the politics of pressure of AJSU has

come to an end after six MLAs of Jharkhand Vikas Morcha came to the party.

It is a different matter that the relationship between AJSU President Sudesh

Mahato and Chief Minister Raghuvar Das has deteriorated. Because of this,

the exercise to bring the party out of Azu’s grip has already started.

The BJP also believes that due to its policy, AJSU can no longer go with the

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. In such a situation, it has no other option but

to be associated with the BJP.

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