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Nile river is probably more than thirty million years old

  • Evidence of antiquity found from the depths of the river
  • Scientists saw the new secret in the depths of the river
  • This horrific volcanic eruption took place in Ethiopia
  • Evidence of volcanic eruption exists in the river

New Delhi: Nile River is one of the most famous rivers in the world.

It is also known all over the world for its width and length.

Apart from this, many species of water lives also live in this river.

Some of these special species are on the verge of extinction because of
them all over the world The attention of scientists is on.

In this sequence, one running in the depth of this river During the research.

Some such evidence has come out from which the history of the birth
of this river and has also been speculated to be ancient.

First  this river was closer to the earth It was thought to have formed
five million years ago.

Now those from inside the river by calculating the life of stones, it is
believed that this river has been around for thirty million years. or
more older.

Information about this is available in a new dissertation has been done.
This dissertation has been published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

It described the history of the river by mentioning every scientific
aspect of it.

Based on the facts, researchers have come to the conclusion that this
river is actually Is much more ancient than anticipated.

The stones found at the bottom of the river are actually There are lava
parts of the earth.

Scientists believe that the turmoil and gruesome events on Earth These
stones came out of the womb of the Earth due to volcanic eruptions.

In liquid state. After becoming cold they became stone like stones of
river water flow over them The stain has been seen.

On this basis, the history of the river is older than the earlier estimate.
This fact of being is derived.

Nile river have evidence of the age

Evidence is found in the stones found in the depths of the Nile River It
is believed that stones are present in the depths of this river, which are
inside the earth as liquid is the frozen parts of lava.

On them, there are signs of the flow of water of rivers.

The same Because of this it can be understood that this river flows
through these stones in the same tour.

Research scientists at the University of Texas, after collecting samples
there has done a deep analysis.

Under this also the texture of the river and surrounding areas
information is taken.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that Earth in the area of
Ethiopia From the depths, a series of hugged stones of this variety
have come upwards.

After exiting from the south part, they have continued to move
towards the north.

The flow has also passed under the Nile River.

That is why it means to have stones under the river That river was
present even at that time.

The stones are believed to be from the water mark itself That the
actual flow of the river dates back thirty million years.

The structure of this part and depth of the earth has been told that most
of the earth This outer part of the inner edge is called mantle.

It continuously from one side to the other Keeps moving Out of the
river Discovered stones have been in contact with the water of the
river. Ethiopian highlands

This situation must have occurred since the eruption of the volcano in
the areas. On the basis of The flow of stones or lava started from there
and reached the bottom of the river.

Volcanic eruption flows from Ethiopia to river delta

Now in the depths of the river, such stones are proving that in fact
thirty Million years ago, this river existed. Under which these stones
are buried. blue Abundance of such stones has been found in the delta
region of the river.

To understand this whole process, scientists also used computer models for this. have recourse Based on this.

It is believed that this plateau area of Ethiopia Is also the result of the
same volcanic eruption. In which hot lava from inside the ground With
the exit, this part also emerged upwards. Later It gradually
transformed into a plateau region.

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