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New species dinosaur found with most powerful jaws

  • This species is famous as known as Killing Machine
  • The entire body was buried under the safe ground
  • First time whole fossil is found in the Brazil
  • It has the strongest jaws among all

New Delhi: New species of Dinosaur fossil has been found.

From these remains found in a completely safe state, scientists

have been able to get better information about them immediately.

There are many such animals in the world, which are very

dangerous. Humans get scared by their name, but when the

name comes of the oldest carnivora dinosaur in the world,

this fear increases manifold. We have our imaginations based

on films such as jurasic park series.

A dinosaur is an animal whose imagination created fear.

In the language of science, this dinosaur is called Gnathovorax

cabreirai. Some researchers in the southern province of Brazil

have found fossils of this unique dinosaur. This is the first time in

history that researchers at Gnathovorax cabreirai were discovered.

It is believed that these cannibalistic new species of dinosaurs

were found on Earth when all the continents of the earth were not

even separated.

Brazil used to be a part of pangea at that time.

At the time of pangea, the water on the earth was on one side

and the land on one side i.e. the land of North and South America

was not even divided at that time. The presence of this dinosaur in

Brazil dates back 23 million years. It is considered a great success

for historians and scientists to find fossils of this dinosaur.

New species dinosaur  the strongest jaw animal

According to the report, the jaw of this dinosaur was the strongest

and extremely dangerous. It has been said that due to the strength

of its teeth and jaws, it used to take the form of ‘Killing Machine’.

This fossil of 23 million years old is completely safe and the

surprising thing is that the entire body of dinosaurs has been

recovered. The Gnathovorax cabriere was 10 feet in length and

weighed about half a ton. It was bigger and heavier than any

dinosaur of that time. scientists have done a CT scan of the brain

of this dinosaur to collect more information.

This showed that its eyesight was very sharp. According to the

research paper, no dinosaur neuroanotomy of this group has ever

been tested in history. This is the first time scientists have brought

back its soft tissues


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