Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Cancer will no longer be an incurable disease
  • The fourth stage patient will also be cured
  • Treatment will be possible at any stage
  • Virus will be effective in fighting cancer
  • Research going on for a long time

New Delhi: Cancer will not be a deadly disease any more,

This has been claimed by scientists after a long period.

Scientists are constantly finding cures for the incurable disease.

Scientists have recently found in a research that it will be

possible to treat cancer at any stage. They have discovered a

virus that will be effective in fighting cancer. Scientists claim

that this virus is such that even at the last stage it can eliminate

this disease. He says that there are some tests left and if

everything goes well, it will be used on breast cancer patients

by next year.

The main virus for controlling has been detected

Scientists have named this virus Vaccinia CF-33. These viruses

are usually caused by a cold. The results were shocking when

this virus was mixed with cancer. Currently this experiment has

been done on mice. The virus narrowed the tumors formed in

mice to a much smaller extent. Significantly, the virus was

initially used for brain cancer.

The reasons for the spread of cancer have been revealed and the

genetic and cell changes occurring inside the body have been

understood. Based on this, the proteins on which the virus

attacks cancer have also been identified.

For this reason, due to genetic improvement in cells with

protins, a method is being tried to prevent and eliminate cancer

cells from growing. For this, research has been going on in

different places around the world for a long time. Due to these

researches, now the diagnosis of early stage cancer is possible.

Cancer kiling virus identified at USA

Scientists had some success in this experiment in USA.

They found that in some patients the tumor had disappeared,

while in some patients the tumor had narrowed.

After the USA, Australia used it as a medicine.

Australia’s biotech company has prepared this drug.

Austraia also tested this method

Les us not forget that American scientist and cancer expert

Professor Yuman Fong is behind the making of this drug.

Work on the method of directly affecting virus effected cells

is the focus area of research now. Scientists associated with this

research have identified the main causes of this problem. Now

for the first time to try them on mice, the effect of the new drug

inside the body has been seen in a sequential manner. Under

this, the adverse effects on the body due to the drug have also

been intensively investigated. For this reason, work has been

done on a method that targets only the deadly cells inside the

body. Earlier, when there were attempts to destroy virus cells in

this method, along with it, the health cells of the body were also

destroyed due to the treatment. Now, after more and more facts

exist for research, scientists are trying the method of

neutralising poison with poison in the new medical

system. In this direction, many such viruses have already been

identified which can attack and destroy only the cancer cells

present inside the body. In scientific research, it has been found

that cancer cells actually start spreading like a covering on the

healthy cells inside the body. Due to this, these cancer cells get

all the confirmation of the healthy cells of the body. This leads

to cancer cells and healthy cells start dying due to lack of

nutrition. Because of this, they used to spread rapidly to other

parts of the body in the event of cancer cells being disturbed.

Now there have been many ways to remove this mess

A lot of progress has been made in India on the treatment of

cancer In our country India too, many encouraging research has

been done for the treatment of cancer. The method of

eliminating effected cells and keeping healthy cells alive has

been scientifically tested. Apart from this, India has also been

successful in the method of preventing and killing only those

effected cells from spreading through silver nano particles.

All these research on genetic method are undergoing testing.

After the success of the test, they will be used for common

man’s use only after clinical trial.

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