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3.7 million miles per hour speed star viewed for the first time

  • Unique phenomenon of space captured in astrophysic telescope
  • A star escaped black hole and moving away very fast
  • This was viewed near a black hole of milky way
  • Perhaps this event is five million years ago
  • It will move out of its own solar space

New Delhi: 3.7 million miles per hour is a great speed.

At this speed, if even a small meteorite falls on the earth, then there

will be a lot of catastrophe. But scientists also believe that due to

friction after entering the earth’s atmosphere, this speed will decrease

and the material inside will start burning in its grip. The same happens

with all meteorites that fall on Earth. Therefore, a meteorite that is

very large in size hits the earth like a big burning stone.

Well, except for this matter of earth, even the first time a star was seen

at such a high speed. Scientists are also surprised to see that this is

actually the incident of Milky Way of remote space.

From there, this incident of spewing a star has been captured in the

astronomy telescope. Later, scientists have also done a deeper analysis

of it. Generally, the occurrence of a star exit from this region is not


Due to this, the activities of this star escaping from there are

constantly being monitored.

According to the scientific declaration, the star which has emerged

from there is named S5-HVS1. Astronomers had already noticed this.

It was circling around a black hole. During this journey, its speed kept

increasing steadily. Following the Milky way, its movements have

been observed with the Anglo-Australian Telescope. This astronomy

telescope is located in Conabrabran, Australia.

3.7 million speed will take it out of  solar system

This whole phenomenon has surprised scientists. Generally, this star

had achieved a much faster speed of 3.7 million miles per hour. This is

ten times the average wiring speed. At the moment, after exiting at

such a high speed, this star is still running forward. Because of its high

speed, scientists are assuming that it will probably go beyond the solar

system and may never come back again. One star of this variety was

identified about two decades ago. But the star of such a high speed is

seen coming out for the first time.

Scientists still know that after the black hole comes under the

influence of gravity, every star revolves around it and breaks apart.

After that, the gases of the stars spread to the surrounding areas and

illuminate them. The core of the star is contained inside a black hole.

Many times the phenomenon of spewing stars from inside the black

hole has also been captured in the telescope. But this is the first

incident of its own in which a star has moved from outside the black

hole in Milky way to the other side at high speed.

In this regard, astronomer Douglas Boubert says that because of its

high speed, it is expected that it will cross a solar system and go

elsewhere. But astronomy will benefit from knowing where it

eventually goes and at what stage it is.

Scientists also want to understand the last destination

After observing the developments so far, scientists have concluded

that the behavior of black holes also depends on the state of energy.

When two stars with opposite energy come in contact with a black

hole after being close to each other. So after moving these two stars

around, the black hole swallows one star and pushes the other far

enough. During this distraction, the speed of 3.7 million, stars

becomes so fast that it moves from one solar system to another. In this

regard, scientists also believe that the event which they are able to see

now is probably quite old and possibly half a million years old. Due to

the distance, light waves of the incident have now reached the Earth,

so scientists have got this view. In this context, it is also believed that

this event is of the time of the earth when the species of humans

were slowly learning to walk on their two legs i.e. the human species

was in the process of becoming two found animals from the quadruped

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