Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
Bacteria intakes electrical charge as its food
  • This microbe has not mouth to feed itself
  • Research has been done at the University of Washington
  • Scientists discovered new properties of micro organisms
  • Power goes inside due to change in the structure of proteins

New Delhi: Bacteria eats electricity, it gives unique feeling.

Scientists are excited after getting information about the bacteria which eats electricity.

Actually, some new information is coming out every day in the research on micro organisms.

In this sequence, this quality of microbes has also been revealed.

Research has found that this particular type of bacteria is capable of consuming electricity as a direct source of energy.

To simplify the conclusion of this research, scientists have said that the way in which humans or other animals get energy from their food, the food of this species of bacteria is electricity.

It gets his energy directly from energy. it can be said that this bacterium eats electricity and survives with it.

The electricity-eating bacterium is rhodopseudomonas palustris.

It draws power from any electrical material which is attached to its outer shell.

After reaching this state, the proteins inside change their structure to carry the electricity inside.

This creates an invisible bridge from the source of electricity to the inside.

Due to which electricity goes inwards.

Bacteria structure analysed to find out the truth

Researchers at the University of Washington have worked on it.

Researchers have reported that bacteria of this species do not have mouths.

That is, wherever the source of electricity is present, it collects energy for itself directly from the same source.

Arpita Bose, an Indian origin scientist associated with this research has given some more information about this.

She is an assistant professor at the university.

According to her, it has taken a lot of effort to understand this behavior

of Bacteria because according to common understanding, any creature

She also explained that this is actually possible due to the proteins present in the internal structure of these bacteria.

These bacteria also work in the manner in which plants receive energy through photosynthesis from sunlight.

In this, they obtain energy for themselves from the electricity present in any solid or fluid.

Her colleague Dinesh Gupta said that it was surprising to find out this behavior of phototropic bacteria.

Through this, the information of the role of protons in the transfer of electrons is now known for the first time.

The role of the protein structure in taking this energy inside

By further studying this method, the method of making bio diesel can be made even better.

How does electricity reach inside the outer layer of this bacteria?

This coating itself does not react with electrodes or ferrous minerals.

But reactions close to this lightning in the structure of the inner protin cause the electricity to reach directly inside the bacteria.

The structures of protins inside the bacterium transform this electricity into refined energy.

After completing this research in the laboratory, this scientific team is

preparing to investigate it deeply in the forests and open environment.

So that other natural life that conducts this variety can be deeply explored.

Some people believe that the structure of this battery capable of eating

electricity can open new doors of change in the form of energy.

Scientists associated with research also believe that on getting more

information about it, other ways of solving the evolution of life.

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