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Invisible objects will be detected with this new scientific eye

  • Camera will work in search of dark or dark matter
  • This mystery of space is still unresolved
  • Scientists predict presence of such substances
  • The camera captures the movements of photons

New Delhi: Invisible objects are still a curiosity specially for science. For this

reason, there is no scientific confirmation of whether there is life outside the

earth. Likewise, dark matter, the dark matter in space, has also not been

identified. But there is something like this, scientists have been getting signs of

this continuously.

Now scientists have developed that advanced type of camera, which can prove to

be helpful in it. With the help of this camera, scientists can understand the

movements of those invisible objects which are always missing from our open

eyes. Actually, astronomers are making every effort to explore the possibilities of

life outside the Earth. Now they hope to get help from this new technology.

Scientists of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) have

designed this device. With its help, scientific signals can now be found about the

invisible activities happening in other planets as well. Actually it is already

scientifically certified that human eyes cannot see much. This type of high-

powered camera will be able to capture the unseen or the activities that occur in

the dark darkness.

This camera has been told that there are more than one thousand sensors in it.

With the help of these sensors, the activity of any type of photon can be recorded.

Many times the movements of photons are not able to catch the eye of human

being. But any such incident happening in front of this camera will inform all

these sensors together.

Invisible objects are detected due to its sensors

It would be difficult to avoid these activities from their eyes. It is expected that

this camera, which can record any activity of light beam, is going to be very

useful in space exploration.

Astronomers believe that dark matter also exists in space, which is missing from

human eyes. But his existence has been confirmed on several occasions. Until

recently, scientists were also unable to understand the black hole. Now with the

help of the deviation of radio waves, some information about its occurrence and

size type has been found. At present, with the development of this technology,

new information is being received everyday about many black holes and their

activities in the solar system.

Information about this camera is given in the scientific journal Optics Express.

Which describes how it works. Scientists have said that only sensors fitted with

the help of nano wire capture every small and large activity of photons. Its

scientific experiment has been done in which it has been successful. When the

photon is activated even in the darkest darkness, it captures the camera. For this

reason, it is expected that if there is life in space, then it will be able to provide

information about it too. It will also provide new information about the dark

matter in space.

Even after Dark Matter has not been detected

According to the scientists involved in preparing it, this device is actually

capable of capturing the activity of every small and big photon. For this reason,

this camera works perfectly even in the darkness in which the eyes of human

cannot see anything. The size of the camera has been told that it is very small. It

is only 1.6 millimeters wide on each side. 1024 sensors have been installed inside

it. All the bakers are in the queue of 32 x 32. Due to this structure, no photon

activity is saved from its sight.

While preparing it, the big challenge faced by the scientists was that how can this

device be prevented from heating up in the event of so many sensors working


Varun Verma of NIST, the organization that developed it, said that NASA’s

astronomy telescope techniques were resorted to to avoid this challenge. The

cameras with 64 sensors prepared in the first eight were queued in the same way

32-32. If such substances were used in preparing it, they are not usually hot.

Its sensors also capture mild activity

The main use of this camera is to identify which metal is in any planet or any

body of space based on the data obtained from the sensors. This camera will send

its data for computer analysis to ensure which metals or minerals are present in

the scene facing the camera sensors. This will provide new new information

about the structure of the space.

The scientific investigation of this camera has been done at the Jet Propulsion

Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. In which it has

been found that this camera can also capture the signals of activities occurring in

darkness. Therefore, it is believed that after the presence of something of a huge

but invisible size, its presence can also be detected based on the movements of its


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