• Intact old Snake fossil found in Argentina
  • New secret of the evolution of life revealed
  • The structures of this snake in perfect condition
  • Computer models were also made for confirmation

New Delhi: Snakes were the legged creatures. It has been

confirmed for the first time. But this species of snakes has

long ago ended in a period of gradual development.

Continuous research is going on on how the evolution of life

happened on this earth. Actually, there is constant research

on the origin of life on this earth and the development and

destruction of many species.

The result of this research is that this time about snakes.

Snakes also had legs in ancient earth, it has been detected

in scientific research.

In the same sequence, scientists have also found that the

structure of the snake’s jaw was different in that period and

there was bone under its cheek bone. Researchers from

Argentina and the University of Alberta have given this

new information in this direction.

Their research concludes that snakes had legs around one

hundred million years ago. Which gradually disappeared

during the gradual development. After finding the remains

of an ancient snake (fossil) in Argentina, new facts can be

added to this research. The investigation revealed that the

fossil he is studying is about one hundred million years old.

Bone structures of the side of the cheekbone and snake feet

were found in it.

Snakes remains were in complete size

Information was found when the snake found the right

safe and complete fossil. Scientists also studied other

ancient relics on this basis. It found that the snakes that

used to be on the ancient earth were giant. Currently

only Anaconda and Azhar are of a slightly larger size.

Earlier, much information about the evolution of snakes

was also not found because there was a lack of fossil

specimens of snakes and structures found in intact

state. For the first time such an exact structure of an

ancient snake has been found. Now after this evidence

is found, scientists will be able to solve the kernels of

when and how the evolution of snakes changed.

Michael Caldwell, the scientist associated with this research,

said that about 160 years of scientific confusion is going

to be cleared by this one evidence. Professor Caldwell

is associated with the Department of Biological, Earth and

Atmospheric Science.

Based on this relic found in northern Patagonia, scientists are

now trying to add links that can further improve the evolution

of snakes on Earth. In this sequence, descriptions and other

information about the species of snakes found in the

Southern Hemisphere are also being recorded

simultaneously. This area was part of the ancient

Gondwana plate of the Earth at that time.

After finding the snake’s fossil, scientists have also

analyzed it with a computer model to confirm their

scientific thinking. It has also seen the structure of

snake veins and blood arteries. Its help was also taken

so that the structure of this very ancient fossil was not

damaged. Later, its CT scanning has also been done.