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Husband should be killed so give me permission

  • Wife’s letter surprised administration of ranchi
  • Letter written to a woman from Namkum area
  • Whole family is troubled by alcoholic man

Ranchi: Husband should be killed. So kildly give me

permission for that. Permission is needed so that no further

problem is raised after the murder of my husband. But is

sincerely think he must be killed. This letter has been written

against an alcoholic husband.

But the wife’s letter has created a sensation in the capital by

seeking permission from the administration to kill her.

A woman named Jeevan Devi, who lives in the Namkum police

station area of Ranchi, has written to the DC of Ranchi seeking

permission to kill her alcoholic husband. In this letter, the

woman has said this while mentioning the status of her family.

According to the information received, 45-year-old woman

Jeevan Devi of Lovadih in Namkum police station area has

sought permission to kill her own husband Arvind Toppo.

According to Jeevan Devi, her husband drinks too much

alcohol. According to the wife, now their daughters have also

grown up. They fear that the father may not do anything

untoward with the children. He complains that now the

condition of the house has become very dangerous.

To save the honor of her two daughters, she is ready to loose

her hunband. Thats whu she want to kill her own husband.

The woman says that the husband comes home drunk and

abuses every day and then indulges in porn like acts in front

of the daughters, which spoils the entire home environment.

Jeevan Devi says that due to addiction to alcohol, her husband

has slowly sold all the items in the house. Due to lack of money,

their children go to sleep hungry.

Husband has not listenned to warnings

In this letter sent to the Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi, the

woman has said that she has several times applied to the SDO,

Namkum OC for prohibition of liquor from around her house,

but so far any action against liquor mafia and illegal liquor

sellers Not done. In such a situation, he has no hope left.

Therefore, if she kills her husband Arvind, then no action

should be taken on her. The administration should allow her to

kill her husband.

All the women of the area are upset due to alcoholics

Jeevan has also said in his letter that due to alcoholism, women

are imprisoned in their homes in Malarkocha town as soon as

the sun set. If a woman comes out of the work required, then the

drunkards make dirty gestures and sometimes touch them. They

are abused and beaten up for protesting.

Station in-charge gave a clarification

A team of journalists visited the area and learned the truth about

the matter. After this, he spoke on the phone to Praveen Kumar,

Namkum police station in-charge on behalf of journalists.

According to Parveen Kumar, he has been posted in Namkum

police station for the past one year. During this time, the police

station has not come with any kind of application against the

liquor businessmen named Jeevan Devi. Currently, if we talk

about the whole of Ranchi, then action against most illegal

liquor traders has taken place in Namkum area and it is

going on almost every day in view of assembly elections.

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