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Ethopia has this dalol area where life can’t survive at all

  • Salt filled volcano is very close to it
  • Entire area is affected by salinity
  • Micro life has adapted itself to here
  • World’s most difficult area in terms of life

New Delhi: Ethopia has one typical area, where there is

no life. Everything is visible in this Dalol area of this country.

But even after having water, there is no moving life here. After

much research, scientists have considered this area as the

most difficult area for subsistence of life.

Actually this was a surprise for scientists that there is no life

despite having water. After continuous research, the reason for

not increasing life there is now known.

Ethopia’s area where water contains acid

However, during the continuation of this research, the

researchers have been surprised to see that even though this

area is difficult for common people, it creates a population of

micro life. The simple life there has adapted itself to the

natural challenges here. For this reason, a life that cannot be seen

with open eyes is in the right position here. There is also water in

this area, yet why there no life, this research was started with this

question. As the data got there, things started coming out from

their analysis. In fact, only the geothermal area there is not able

to create living conditions. Many of the lakes there are filled

with water with excessive amounts of acid. Because of this, the

salinity in the entire atmosphere is so high that normal life

cannot survive there.

Entire area has been badly effected  and acidic

Only after a volcanic eruption in this area has the entire area

become acidic. Even now there are gas flows from this volcano

due to the explosion. Due to the continuation of this process

continuously, the entire area there has become poisonous under

the influence of toxic gases.

In many areas, the water still present in the lake is seen in a

boiling state. Even in the winter season, the temperature is

around 45 degrees. From this, it can be understood how deep

the impact of the volcano in this area of Danaquil.

During the research, scientists have found that there is a glut of

salt inside the volcano here. For this reason, whenever lava

comes out from there, salt also comes out and affects the whole


Even Micro lives can’t survive in water

Lopez Garcia, the leader of the scientific team engaged in

research in this area, has said that there is no life in the water

due to the high salinity there. Micro lives have not been found

in this water. Mr. Lopez was the leader of this French team, a

joint expedition of a team of scientists from France and Spain.

The amount of pH in the water here is also found to be below

zero. Therefore, water based life cannot be imagined there.

Perhaps this is why it has been considered the most difficult

area of the entire earth, where it is impossible to sustain life.

Even here the atmosphere has the effect of this acid and salt. It

does not even create a situation to flourish.

Details of the achievements of this research team have been

published in a scientific journal called Nature Ecology and

Evolution. It has been told that only a well-meaning salt who

likes salt is present there well. By the way, this too has changed

its behavior by understanding the difficult challenges here.

\Micro life has also changed here

This microbe is known as  halophililic archia. Due to excess of

salt here, yellow color is also seen in the entire area.

Magnesium is also abundant there among the abundance of

yellow spots among the black. This is probably the effect of the

lava emitted from the volcanic eruption. Due to this explosive-

like environment, life is difficult to survive there.

Type of salt also stops cycle of life here

Scientists in the research of non-life there have found that due

to the  magnesium salt there is a breakdown of the

relationship of hydrogen and other bio-substances with the

hydrogen molecules. Similarly, due to salinity and high

temperature, the other conditions that make life there also end.

Although the most difficult area to live in , scientists speculate

that it can be directly related to the deep conditions of

the Earth, but it needs to be further researched.


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