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Kolkata Municipal Corporation finds out an unique way to stop dengue

  • The drone will now hunt and kill the mosquito
  • All unreachable areas will be visited by this
  • It will spreas anti mosquito pesticides also
  • Will also identify all areas on its own
S. Dasgupta

Kolkata: Kolkata Municipal Corporation has found a new way to stop the

growing mosquito population in its area. Under this, human labor will no

longer be needed to find and eliminate mosquitoes. Kolkata Municipal

Corporation is now going to leave this work to the drone. A special type of drone

is being deployed for this purpose. It has all the features, so that it can detect

mosquitoes in different areas by flying in the sky without any help. Also, it has

been added that once the mosquitoes are detected, they can also spray the

medicine to eliminate them.  The Kolkata Municipal Corporation was concerned

about preventing dengue, chikungunya and malaria outbreaks in its area. Despite

trying many ways, the expected success in preventing the mosquito population

from growing was not achieved. For this reason, this decision has been taken by

the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to try new scientific discovery in this work.

This type of drone was already developed by researchers from IIT Mumbai.

That model was then named Marut. Now the drone which is to be used by

Kolkata Municipal Corporation is named Vinash.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has announced it

According to the information that has come

out about this new type of drone, This drone

can fly to an altitude of more than twenty

storey buildings and find the areas where

mosquitoes thrive. It has GPS system, so that

the control room will always keep track of

which area of KMC is flying now. During its

flight, the drone will also send  pictures of buildings and other areas that it sees.

Many areas of Kolkata are deprived of regular checks by the Kolkata Municipal

Corporation due to its dense population and surroundings. Deputy Mayor of

Kolkata Municipal Corporation Mr. Atin Ghosh has given information about this

method. The areas where this drone will identify will be physically examined.

If the drone figures are correct and there is a population of mosquitoes in these

areas, then this drone will also spray the mosquito repellent there. The drone has

a special can fittes in it. This will contain mosquito repellent. People will also be

warned with a loud hooter sound signal before a drone can spray the medicine in

a particular area. By the ringing of this hooter, people will understand that the

spraying of mosquito killing medicine is going to start in their area.

People will be warned about medicine by hooter

According to Mr. Ghosh, machine arms have also been installed in this drone to collect

samples. If needed, it will come down and collect samples of its work and bring it

along. Those will be examined separately in the laboratory. Apart from soil, this drone

can also bring water samples for testing. By examining them, the presence of

mosquitoes or other bacteria that spread the disease will be detected in the

laboratory. Generally, in the area of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, there are

many such areas among the densely populated areas where the employees of

Kolkata Municipal Corporation are not even able to reach. Now with the help of

drones, all those areas will be identified in order. After identification, if mosquito

population is found there, spraying of mosquito repellent will be done by drone

or staff. This will go a long way in controlling the mosquito population.

A special container will carry anti mosquito drug in it.  mosquitoes from the root by

spraying the medicine itself in the mosquito larvae areas.

A fungus can kill 99 percent of mosquitoes

Recent scientific research has found that fungus can kill 99 percent of

mosquitoes present in a particular area. This fungus has been prepared in the

laboratory. Changes have also been made in the genetic structure of fungus for

this. According to World Health Organization data, this fungus is like spider

poison. Virus-carrying mosquitoes that spread malaria can also be killed by its

use. Due to the increasing malaria outbreak across the world. Advanced malaria

treatment is not available to these people. Malaria viruses, on the other hand,

have created resistance to protect themselves from the effects of common

medicines. For this reason, the number of patients is constantly increasing in

areas with mosquitoes.

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