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Pet dog licking caused the death of a 63 year old man

  • Most dogs and cats have this virus
  • Investigations revealed a rare viral infection
  • But the effect of the effect is due to genetic structure
  • Can enter inside only through open wounds or dirty hands

New Delhi: Pet dog is found in many homes. The people of the

house also have a very close and loving relationship with them.

A 63-year-old man died due to this love. Later, when deep

research was done, his real secret was revealed. After

examining everything, the research scientists came to the

conclusion that the person had become a victim of a strange

type of infection due to the licking of his domestic dog. The

infection caused him to fall ill and his internal organs were

gradually damaged by the viruses that spread inside the body.

This is why he died. A scientific article published about this

gives information about the infection and its symptoms.

However, the research team has not revealed the name and

address of this patient. It has been reported that the person who

was affected by this infection was 63 years old. After his death,

the scientists did a thorough investigation of this death due to

the real reason not being revealed. As the investigation car

moved forward, information about the infection and its side

effects also became available. Actually, something like this

could happen, it was due to the formation of pods and strange

types of stains on his body to the scientists. For these reasons,

scientists had suspected that it is not the effect of dog viruses.

Pet dogs and cats naturally carry this virus

Scientists have made it clear that this type of virus is present in

the saliva of most dogs and cats. Dogs often lick in homes with

love. In most cases these viruses do nothing. But in some cases

due to genetic effects, this saliva transmits viruses inside the

body. Due to lack of information about the viruses in the initial

stage, they are also not treated. This causes the virus to become

stronger inside itself. As a result, they become powerful and

damage the internal organs of the human body. Scientists have

reported that the virus present in dog and cat saliva is called

Capnocytophaga bacteria.

Even after it is present, the common man does not have any

problem with it, while pet dogs and cats often lick the people of

the house to show love. Now after this incident has come to the

fore, researchers have warned many people to never keep their

wounds open even in front of their domesticated dogs or cats.

Also, after playing with your house pet, you must wash your

hands thoroughly. The virus in this saliva coming in contact

with your body with saliva can reach inside your body only

through mouth with open wounds or dirty hands. They have no

effect outside the body.

The wounds must be protected from saliva of such animals

Giving details of the entire incident, it is said that after playing with his dog,

suddenly that person started feeling like cold and cold.

After that he also got fever and felt severe pain in the body.

At this stage, he also started having trouble breathing. Weird stains began to

emerge on the body and face. His condition deteriorated rapidly

even after being hospitalized and given antibiotics. The internal

organs stopped functioning and eventually died due to brain

failure. This incident took place in just sixteen days. Behind it

was the genetic structure of the person, due to which such

viruses managed to make a fatal attack on him.

Scientists have clarified that only 25 percent of these types of

viruses are fatal. But in the event of not reaching inside the

body through a wound or hand, it cannot cause any harm.

According to scientific survey, about 74 percent of the animals

of this species have this in saliva. But they are not always

dangerous. On the other hand, these animals express their love

by licking.

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