Tue. Nov 24th, 2020
Hungarian scientists discover fifth dimension of energy
  • Dark matter is associated with this fifth power
  • The electron charge caught everyone’s attention
  • There is invisible power in most of the space
  • An energy source to operate in the world and outside

New Delhi: Hungarian scientists have presented a new claim.
They claim that they have discovered that fifth energy, which
was still missing from the eyes of science.

By the way, the scientists of physics had already realized the
power of this type. Apart from this, there were also indications
of its existing presence in space. But till now no evidence based
on scientific facts about it was revealed.

Hungarian scientists were surprised during their research when
they found many molecules to break apart. This was done in a
way that  was never conceived before in the research of physics.

According to them, when the molecule of hilium ends, then this
slow light comes out and this light comes out due to
fragmentation of its molecules.

According to the information given about the research, lithium
absorbs these protons when a small bar of lithium is bombarded
with protons. During this process there is a temporary roduction
of beryllium.

This beryllium also undergoes rapid fragmentation and many
new molecules and protons are produced. At the same time,
when the proton injury on lithium occurs at 140 degrees,
unexpected  electrons and positrons are produced, which no
one was aware of till now.

Attila Krajhanahorke, a scientist at the Academy of Science of Hungary and his team, claimed to have discovered it.
This team has done this work for the second time. Based on this
achievement, scientists believe that even this fifth source of
energy can shed new light on how the solar system works.

Hungarian scientists showed new dimensions

During this research, the molecule whose fission was seen to
emit light is currently named X17 by the research team.

Actually this name is given due to this Because its molecular
property is equal to17 Mega Eletron volts.

According to research team leader Attila, this new molecule
itself  may also be hiding many secrets, which need to be
understood more.

Presently, it is known for the first time. Therefore, in future, more
information will be found about the research on its properties and

The research team believes that only this fifth angle of physics can
make science clear its relationship with the dark matter of the solar

Regarding this research, Professor Jonathan Feng of the University of California says that this discovery can prove to be a new direction for
the whole science.

Actually, if this experiment could be replicated and this process could
be sustained, it would be a scientific achievement for the Nobel Prize.

The research team has worked on this subject for three consecutive
years. Actually they were working on radioactive corrosion.

He believed that during this time there is definitely some excess
energy, which is missing from the eyes of current science.

During the Higgs Boson experiment of trying the process of blast
in the world on a scientific level, there were some signs of this.

 how will the solar system be formed, will be known

Now this research is being claimed that if it is confirmed, it will
definitely be known on which system this solar system actually
works. Presently science is known to have four such energies.

After getting information about this fifth source, our relationship
with Dark Matter present in the entire solar world will also be revealed.

Earlier, the same research team had informed about the existence
of this fifth dimension for the first time in the year 2016. It was a
completely new thing during that time.

That is why the scientists of the University of California confirmed
the facts after examining the facts and methods given in their

Actually it was found that during the radio activity there has been
evidence of this fifth power. However, then the attention of the
world was reduced to this discovery. However, scientists from all
over the world had become aware of the achievements of this research.

Now after adding another link in this research from afresh, the
attention of scientists has again turned to it.

Professor of the Department of Astrophysics, University of Sydney,
who is aware of this research, says, Jirent Louis, the direct conclusion
of this research is that one molecule interacts with another molecule.

So far science has not been able to find this contact path. Due to this
not being known, no contact of the present science with that dark
matter is being established, the evidence of which already exists with
scientists. But this dark matter is present in eighty percent of the space.

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