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Maharashtra political drama Just lika a Hindi Masala film

  • A real film may come up in future based on its story
  • Its happy ending ot twist can’t say right now
  • A film full of mystery and adventure
  • Only fight scene is missing now

Mumbai: Maharastra political drama is no less than a masala
Hindi film. Now that almost all the secrets have been revealed,
information about every incident is summarize has become public.

After the return of the missing MLAs, the entire development is
being done in a systematic manner.

Therefore, it can be believed that the political drama of
Maharashtra has all the characteristics of Hindi suspense
films,  which makes the film a hit. People are also jokingly
discussing that another new film may also come on this
entire script.

According to the information received, this whole political event
has everything like mystery, thrill, crime, confrontation. However,
as a joke, some people believe that only in this political drama of
Maharashtra’s, there has not been a fight yet. It is expected that
this scene can also be seen during a majority test within the House.

This is believed to be because the electoral outcome of Maharashtra’s
this episode  can prove to have an impact on the politics of the entire

After the return of the MLAs who were reported missing, they have
informed about the entire development on their behalf, which is no
less than a masala film.

Some of the MLAs were flown to Gurgaon while some were in
unknown places. Although many MLAs had returned, but for many
people, the NCP had started a search and rescue operation.

Maharashtra political drama a thriller also

One of the NCP MLAs who caught the flight to Delhi was
Daulat Daroda. It is being said that he was taken from Delhi
Airport to Gurugram and kept there in a hotel under the
supervision of BJP people.

On returning to the NCP’s hotel, Daroda said, ‘When we were
being taken to Delhi, it was said that the NCP has officially
supported the BJP in maharastra’s politics. But later we came to
know that NCP is not supporting BJP. He said that our phone
was also snatched at Gurugram hotel, but somehow we could
contact Sharad Pawar.

After that they started efforts to get us out of there.

Sanjay Bansode of NCP was among the MLAs who were picked
up from Shiv Sainik Airport and brought to YB Chauhan Center
on Sunday. Shivsna and NCP were meeting here.

A Shiv Sena leader recounting the interesting story of Bansode
being captured said that Sharad Pawar called Uddhav Thackeray’s
PA Milind Narvekar.

He said that Bansode has been placed in Sahara Star and wants
to return. After this Milind and Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde
reached the hotel.

At first Milind went alone and saw 40 policemen standing there
and BJP leader Mohit Kamboj was also present.

Shortly along  with many of his supporters Eknath Shinde also
reached the spot. Bansode was approached and he came to the

Meanwhile, police and BJP workers started arguing with Milind
and Shinde. Meanwhile, Shiv Sainiks left with Bansode.

Shiv Sena and Congress attacked amidst complete siege

Anil Patil, who was kept at the Oberoi Hotel in Gurugram, said that
he had gone under the oath of Ajit Pawar. During the swearing-in,
we thought that the NCP was forming a government with the BJP
and we supported Ajit Pawar as the leader.

After this we were told that we will have to go somewhere else till
the government is formed. But, when we reached Gurugram and
watched TV, the truth was revealed.

Babasaheb Patil said that he was first taken to Raj Bhavan and then
brought to Delhi along with three other MLAs. I came to know what
Ajit Pawar is doing when we reached Delhi and turned on our phone.

After this we somehow contacted Sharad Pawar and he evacuated us.

Rajendra Singane told that he got a call from Ajit Pawar on Thursday
night. He has asked to reach the bungalow of Dhananjay Munde the
next day and said that it is necessary to discuss the issue.

I reached there at 7 am on Saturday and there were already 8 to 10
MLAs. After this we were taken to the Governor’s House, but
nothing was told. By the time we could take a decision,

Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar had taken oaths. Manikrao
Kokate, who was present at the oath at Raj Bhavan on Saturday,
went missing for several hours.

All assembled by the call from ajit pawar

He then issued a message on social media and reached Hotel
Renaissance on Sunday, where the NCP people were staying.

He said that Ajit Pawar was the leader of the legislative party

and I obeyed him. I had no idea what he was going to do.

Returned MLAs gave information about the entire development

Sandeep Kshirsagar said, ‘Ajit Pawar invited me to the bungalow
of Dhananjay Munde on the day of the oath ceremony. I went
there, but Ajit Pawar and Munde were not.

I was asked to sit in the car and was taken to Raj Bhavan.

After watching the swearing in ceremony, I realized that
something went wrong. But, I was not allowed to go. Somehow
I left from there and then reached YB Chauhan Center, where
Sharad Pawar and other senior leaders were present.

Majalgaon MLA Prakash Solanki, however, told a different story.
He said that I had gone to the oath, but then the Renaissance came
to the hotel and supported Sharad Pawar.

They had not idea about being kidnapped

He refuses to go with Ajit Pawar, saying only rumors of his
support were spread by me.

The names of three MLAs were Sunil among those who took part
in the swearing-in ceremony.

These were Sunil Shelke, Sunil Tingray and Sunil Bhusara.
The three leaders said that we were not rebel, we were called by
Ajit Pawar and arrived considering him as their leader.
We are still in NCP and trust Sharad Pawar’s leadership.

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