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Tapeworm and many eggs found in human brain again

  • Insects have spread to other parts of the body as well
  • Seven hundred eggs were seen from MRI
  • A teenager also died in Faridabad
  • Worm reaches by eating pork

New Delhi: Tapeworm has been found in human brain again.
Since doctors had already identified it during the treatment of
a teenager.

So immediately there was a possibility of worm in the brain. When the brain was examined, more than seven hundred insects
were found in it.

The good thing is that like last time, this time the situation of
death of the sick did not come. On discovering the old
experience, doctors treated him and he is currently out of trouble.

43-year-old Zhu Zhongfa was admitted to the hospital on the
complaint of epilepsy. It was only in the early stages that the
doctors perceived the symptoms to be a worm in the brain.

This was also confirmed in MRI. It was found that apart from
being a worm in the brain, the same worm also spread to other
parts of the body.

During admission to the hospital, there were complaints of
frothy and sometimes fainted. The man, who hails from an area
of Zhejiang province of China, was brought to the school of
medicine in the same place for treatment.

Tapeworm was also found in human brain before

His brain was first scanned on seeing his condition. In the scan
itself, insects were seen flourishing in the brain.

Later, the insect was also detected in his chest. Because of this,
there was froth from his mouth.

He is a laborer who works in a construction company. Later it
was revealed that he had eaten the half-cooked pork.

Only the insects present in this half-baked meat had reached his brain through his stomach.

Doctors were able to realize this only because this type of
patient was caught earlier. At that time, a teenager was also hit
by tapeworm.

He could not be saved due to his delayed illness. Some similar
complaints were also received from Singapore and India.

Therefore, due to quick treatment on this basis, this patient’s life
has been saved. Doctors believe that insects and eggs are still
present in his body,  which are being removed in turn and with much caution.

Arrangements have also been made to prevent them from
spreading to other parts of the body due to being limited in certain areas.

Doctors have told about this whole incident that this worm went
to his intestine due to eating undercooked and insect-ridden
meat. After dissolving in blood from there, he reached the top
of the brain.

The conditions there were worthy of the growth of insects. For
this reason more than seven hundred insects were born there.

More than seven hundred eggs were also seen from MRI

After taking measures to protect the body parts from being
damaged, medicine has been given to kill these insects.

Along with this, separate medicines are being given to eliminate
the children of this insect.

After a week of treatment, after analyzing the patient’s condition
again, work will be done to eliminate other insects present in
the body. Presently, doctors are doing the job of protecting the
brain from insects.

It is noteworthy that a young child also died in Faridabad,
India in a similar manner. Worms thrived in his brain too. But
he arrived for treatment quite late. Because of this he could not
be saved.

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