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Voting for 13 assembly seats estimated 64.44 percent

  • 84.42 percent disabled voters set a record
  • Chief electoral Officer informed about this
  • More turnout than last time

Ranchi: Voting for 13 seats of the first phase of assembly was

completed today. 64.44 percent (tentative) polling was recorded

for these 13 seats. 56-59 in Chatra (SC), 67.3 in 68-Gumla (ST),

69- 69.8 in Bishunpur (ST), 71.47 in 72-Lohardaga (ST), 62.66

in 73-Manika (ST), 74- 67.2 in Latehar (SC), 64.1 in 75-Panki,

76-63.9 in Daltanganj, 77-in Vishrampur 61.6, 78- 62.3 in

Chhatarpur (SC), 79- 60.9 in Hussainabad, 80- 66.04 in Garhwa

and 81.67.34 for Bhawanathpur seat.

The electorate exercised their franchise. Shri Vinay Kumar

Choubey, Chief Electoral Officer, said that there was no notice

of any disturbance from anywhere in the polling in these 13 seats.

All polling stations were polled peacefully. Additional Chief

Electoral Officer Shri Kripanand Jha and Mr. Shailesh Kumar

Chaurasia were present in the press conference.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that in the first phase, the

percentage of polling for the 13 assembly seats for which was

held today, on November 30, 2019, was 64.44, thus registering

an increase of 1.15 percent as compared to the 2014 assembly

elections. The total polling for these seats was 63.29 percent in the

assembly elections. In the 2014 assembly elections 27- 53.62

percent for Chatra (SC), 68- 60.73 per cent for Gumla (ST), 69-

66.92 per cent for Vishunpur (ST) 72- 67.75 per cent for Lohardaga

(ST), 73 – 59.77 for Manika (ST) seat, 66.17 percent for 74-Latehar

(SC) seat, 65.72 for 75-Panki seat, 64.70 percent for 76-Daltonganj

seat, 77- 61.31 percent for Vishrampur seat, 78- 59.63 percent for

Chhatarpur (SC) seat, 62.21 for 79-Hussainabad seat, 80-Garhwa seat

New 67.81 and 68.16 per cent of 81-Purnapani, Bhawanathpur seat

had exercised their franchise.

Voting by the disabled voters set a new record

The Chief Electoral Officer said that in the first phase of voting, there

was an increased participation of disabled voters. He said that 84.22

percent of disabled voters exercised their franchise. The total number

of disabled voters in this phase was 49007. 3152 for their convenience.

2669 Volunteers were deployed at various polling stations for

arranging and assisting the wheel chair. Vendors go to and from home

to polling Ltd. was used 1108 vehicles.

Voting for the first phase

Seat percentage
Chatra 56.59
Gumla 67.3
Bishunpur 69.8
Lohardaga 71.47
Manika 62.66
Latehar 67.2
Panki 64.1
Daltonganj 63.9
Vishrampur 61.6
Chhatarpur 62.3
Hussainabad 60.9
Garhwa 66.04
Bhawanathpur 67.34

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