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Scientists are cautious about New solar threat soon after Christmas

  • Currently there is no possibility of falling to earth
  • Scientists are monitoring round the clock
  • The giant meteorite will pass very close
  • 26 December, before eight o’clock

New Delhi: Scientists are cautious about the impending crisis on Earth, just one day after Christmas.

According to earlier information, there is very less possibility of this danger.

But based on prior experiences, scientists have already taken precautions this time.

This danger is due to a giant meteorite passing very close to the Earth.

It is about 620 meters long in size. Just before Christmas,

it would be closest to the Earth before eight o’clock on the morning of 26 December.

Astronomers believe that there is no threat to the Earth from this meteorite.

But many times the large size meteorites pass very close because of the effect of upheaval in the atmosphere.

In recent days, scientists are no longer convinced that their earlier calculations are correct because of a meteorite suddenly falling on the earth, making the forecast wrong.

Every activity of this meteorite is being monitored round the clock.

According to scientists, the meteorite that will pass close to the Earth is CH 59.

It is a much larger meteorite in terms of size. It currently has a top speed of 27,450 mph.

Therefore, because of its size and speed, it is a major threat to the Earth.

When meteorites of this size enter the earth’s atmosphere, a large proportion of them fall on the earth even after being ignited by friction.

Due to falling on the earth at a fast speed, the shock of its fall is felt all over the world.

Scientists explained that is quite large in size

The meteorite that passes through us on the next day of Christmas is bigger in size than the Canter Tower in China or the Sears Tower in Chicago America.

Therefore it is believed to be of great size in terms of giving a shock to the earth.

But at present, scientists are taking precaution even after there is no possibility of it falling on the earth.

The conclusion of earlier scientific research is that if a meteorite of this size also falls on the earth, then its effect can kill millions of people.

This is explained in a previously published scientific report, called the White House Report.

It has been reported in this report that any meteorite larger than 400 meters in size can adversely affect many continents on Earth.

If a meteorite larger than one and a half kilometers falls on the earth, a state of catastrophe will arise.

In the past too, such huge meteorites have fallen on Earth.

Due to the fall of one of them, the life of huge and terrible creatures like dinosaurs from earth ended in one stroke.

Long-running research on these challenges of space

Scientists have been researching this type of solar hazards for a long time.

The dangers under it are divided into two categories.

The first is in the NEO category. That is, these pieces of stones traveling close to the earth are placed in the category of Near Earth Object.

The second category is that of PHA, ie Potentially Harjards Astroids.

Generally, there is no danger to the Earth from falling from small sized meteorites.

Because as soon as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they start burning due to friction.

Before they reach the surface of the earth, they break and break into small pieces.

There is some danger when the size is slightly larger. But meteorites that grow in size are harmful.

The special center of NASA is watching every activity of the meteorite that is being monitored.

According to this NASA center, the size of this stone is two thousand feet long and about 918 feet wide.

It is currently moving at a speed of 12.27 kilometers per second.

Based on his direction and other facts, scientists believe that there is no possibility of him hitting the earth.

But in terms of space science, he is going to be very close to the Earth.


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