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Gambling festival of one day, women also take part

  • Such a public event happens once a year
  • The fair starts after the worship of Mata Shashthi
  • It is a tradition to come here with family and ladies
  • There is no reliable history available regarding this

Malda: Gambling is considered a bad thing, it is a common

saying. It is said that gambling causes an apocalypse for himself

and his family. Mahabharata to date This saying is indeed true.

Women also gamble openly. It is also known as Zuadi Mela

( gambling fair). This fair is annualy held at Mokadipur in ward

number 4 of Malda municipality. Since Tuesday morning, there

was a huge crowd of participants in this fair. The people along

with their family and children, the gamblers had come to

participate in the fair. The special thing of this fair is that before

gambling starts here, Goddess Shashthi was given Indulgence is

offered. This gambler starts only after worshiping the Goddess

in this ground of this unique fair. This fair goes on throughout

the day.

People visiting there believe that gambling at this fair will bring

happiness in their home for years and there is peace. The people

of the present generation also believed in the ancient legend.

Families just come here to fulfill this wish only. It Is mixed By

the way, the entry or participation of women in this gambling

fair. Nobody knows history.

According to the people, they also did the same to their former

anciestors. They are just following a tradition to come with

women. Here women have to liberty to gamble along with their


Gambling festival has participation of women

Women also have to participate in this gamble. They still follow

this rule. Mythology is also associated with gaming events.

Mr. Vinod Aggarwal, senior member associated with the

organizing committee of the fair, explained one old story about

this fair. He said the its a story of anecient days. When Behula

came here with the dead body of her husband ” lakinder”. At

this place Behula worshiped goddess Shashti to save her

husband. She was the first lady who offered puja here. Since

then its continuing.

This puja is helo on a special date is Moolasthi and here on this

ground only this day. During Puja , a local sweet leuri is offered

here as a puja Is offered. This dessert is also not made anywhere


It is believed that in those old days, this area was a dense forest.

Ladies came here to offer puja. But their husbands accompanied

them. This puja was a whole day affair. At this time men

gathered here started gambling.

The women laughingly admit that to this day take part in this

gamble. They accept that it Is socially recognized. So they too

have no hesitation in gambling here. According to these women

they spend very little money on this gambling but if it keeps the

peace of the family for years, then there is a bigger thing than

that. They feel confident because everything is done in the

presence of their family.

Why and when this started, there are only stories

Some elders say that in ancient times there used to be a dense

forest. The Behula River also flows from near it. Here the

women welfare of their children Used to worship for Maybe

during that time women are busy worshiping The men who

accompanied him used to gamble in the field to spend time.The

practice of gambling may have started from there. But this is

just the story. Why is gambling played here and why is it

necessary for women to come here? Authentic historical facts

do not exist.

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