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Villagers are upset due to wild elephants attack on their crops

Pathalgaon: Villagers of Chhattisgarh are troubled by the wild elephants constantly entering the villages.

In Jashpur district, Sagarajor of Tapakara Range and wild elephants reached Perwapara village caused panic among the villagers for hours.

The forest workers had to struggle hard to chase away the wild elephant without loss of population from the area.

Forest division officer Shri Krishna Jadhav said that 38 wild elephants

are wandering in Tapakara, Duldula and Kunkuri areas these days.

Even after constant monitoring of the movements of these elephants,

these wild animals start reaching the villages near the forest and create

a disturbance.

Mr. Jadhav said that these days wild elephants are being driven away from the villages of the neighboring state of Odisha and Jharkhand by the villagers.

He said that after coming to the population area, these elephants have to face a lot of difficulty in the night to chase them.

Shri Jadhav informed that forest officials are running awareness campaigns in a dozen villages to prevent loss of public life and money.

Villagers worried about their crops stored

After the end of the rainy season, the paddy crop has been cut and kept in the villages in these areas.

It is understood that a group of elephants wandering in search of food is running in the villages with the same smell.

They have no problem in breaking the walls of mud houses in villages. By breaking the wall, they easily eat the grains kept there.

In these areas of Chhattisgarh, people have been killed in elephant attacks in the past.

For this reason, there is an atmosphere of panic in the entire area due to the elephants flocking again.

Such an accident happens when people come in their way only during the sudden arrival of elephants in the villages.

Same problem in many other states

Same type of problems are arising for the villagers of west bengal, assam orissa and jharkhand.

These state have the elephant corridor. After crop elephants are charging in the villages to have that only.

This is leading to confrontation and death of man kind.

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