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Delhi will show a new political path to the country

New Delhi: Delhi will now show a new political path to national

politics. The assembly elections in Delhi have been given a chance for

the country to experience the first opportunity to seek votes on the

issue of development. The results of the voting here will be released

on the next 11. The exit poll so far predicts that the Aam Aadmi Party

government is going to be formed in Delhi again. With the

government coming to the polls again, it was announced in open terms

that the public should evaluate them on the basis of their last five years

of work. Party President and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

had clearly stated that if voters are satisfied with their work then only

vote in their favor. Now the results of the exit poll are showing that

perhaps the public has expressed their satisfaction over their work and

has made up their mind to hand over power to the same government

again. Now the country is definitely going to get a new political

identity from it. This will force all political parties to campaign fresh

in elections now.

Seeking votes on the basis of work

Delhi’s practice of seeking votes on the basis of its work will spread

rapidly throughout the country, it is almost certain. In the coming days,

even if the practice of voting on the basis of real work gets ten percent

public support, then in the coming days, at least in the elections of

Bihar and West Bengal, the ruling BJP at the center is going to suffer


Other states have other equations too

Due to casteist politics, the equations of Bihar have been made and

made in other ways till now. But it has to be understood that Delhi is a

place where the whole of India is united. Therefore, any political wind

from Delhi makes an impact on the entire country at an accelerated

pace. Due to social media, the entire nation has seen the attitude of the

people of Delhi.

Now, when other people come to try this test in their own area, then

the politics of the whole country will change. At the same time, it has

to be understood that how much work has been done on the promises

made by the Janata parties, it has definitely started to be remembered

during the next elections. In this era of social media and internet, no

need to do any hard work to repeat everything said earlier. Therefore,

if the Aam Aadmi Party wins the elections again in Delhi, this wave

will also force other parties across the country to appeal to vote on

their earlier promises and work done on them. Also, the public will

also get a chance to understand the next election on the basis of the

work for which the government is elected.

Delhi will help voters to ask for the task done

This kind of change in the politics of the country is certainly a danger

bell for all established parties. If we look at the Delhi elections, the

BJP tried its best to try the same issues here, which have been

continuously losing their influence since Maharashtra. Despite not

voting in the Jharkhand elections on Kashmir, triple talaq, Article 370

and other old issues, he tried his best to get Azman in Delhi. At the

same time, the issue of Shaheen Bagh of Delhi was also at the center

of the BJP’s attack. Even after this, if the majority has not supported

the BJP, then the BJP should accept that the people of the country are

not ready to go in the direction they want to take the country.

The people of the country do not like to be swayed like this

Particularly on the question of citizenship, differences among BJP

leaders are being repeatedly exposed in public forums. Therefore, the

common man, who is struggling for two days’ bread, is worried about

citizenship and stomach more than Hindu-Muslim. The BJP’s attention

towards this stomach is not something that can assure the people of the

country that the ruling government is going to take some concrete

action in this direction. All such issues have been presented in the

budget in such a way that they should not be in the priority of the

government. In such a situation, if the mandate of Delhi shows the

way to decide the future of the next government on the basis of work,

then the traditional election campaign and propaganda weapons in the

politics of the country will automatically prove to be ineffective. This

too will eventually prove to be an important step towards democracy

for the politics of the country.


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