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Election commission now in preparation for remote voting


New Delhi: Election Commission is also working on the process of remote voting

under its election reform programs. For this, the commission has assigned the

responsibility to IIT Madras. For this, the process which is going on to be adopted

is the system of voting based on the Aadhaar card of the people. The work of

preparing this entire process is now in the final stage. According to the

information received, the method to be prepared on this process is also to be

considered next month. In this, people associated with research will give detailed

information about this method to the commission. At present, only its prototype is

being developed. Once this process is accepted in the country, it can be prepared

in a more sophisticated form.

An official of the Commission informed that after the implementation of this

method, people residing in any part of the country will be able to participate in the

polling where the voters are. For this, they will not need to be present in that

particular place. They will also be able to vote for their constituency by visiting

pre-determined polling stations.

Election commission will get its permission

By the way, it has also been told that in the next phase of this process, people

living abroad or not living in the country during the voting will also be able to

participate in the voting process. For this, scientists of IIT Madras have succeeded

in devising a two-way method. After identifying the voter on the basis of his / her

Aadhar card, he / she will reach his / her voter area and polling station by remote

means. On this basis, when the voter casts his vote, the vote cast by him will also

be recorded automatically in the voter record of the area concerned. Even before

this, the Election Commission had made arrangements for postal ballot on the

basis of electronic method in the previous Lok Sabha elections. As a result, the

postal ballot has increased by more than 60 percent.

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