Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
The human brain proteins are known to scientists now
  • Great achievement in correcting brain development

  • Human brain is the most complex node of the body

  • Results found after 17 years of continuous research


New Delhi: The human brain has been an intriguing puzzle even for the scientists

of the present generation. The world’s medical science has not made much

progress towards understanding and improving it. This sequence continues to be

researched. Now every protein inside the human brain has been detected. It is

evident that after understanding what role of these proteins are inside the human

brain, scientists will be able to understand the human brain much better.

Hopefully, after resolving this problem, treatment of mental troubles, diseases and

injuries will be better.

It is a proven fact that our brain is the most difficult structure in the human body.

What is the work of its different parts, scientific understanding has been reached

there. But beyond that, work is going on very slowly. The pace of this research is

also slow because it is not an easy task to understand what role of millions of

neurons in the human brain. In the new brain atlas, out of 1900 samples of the

human brain, 27 such brain regions have been detected that control all the

structures of the human body.

The human brain has multi function cells in it

A Swedish laboratory Work on this has progressed considerably. Along with this

work in Science for Life Lab, information about its achievements is given. Along

with this institute, researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and Uppsala University are also involved in this

work. Also, scientists from the universities of China and Denmark are involved

with this project. All of them are responsible for pursuing research on different

parts of this one project. The result of this collective effort is that all kinds of

proteins within the human brain have been detected.

Research has confirmed that the structure of the human brain is quite different

even after the brain of the sugar and rat. The information is given by Professor

Mathier Ulhen of the KTH Royal Institute. He is also the director of the Human

Protein Atlas Effort Project. Apart from the different structure of the human brain,

different actions are also performed by mixing more than one protein, it has been

confirmed. Therefore, the work of determining the capacity and role of each

protein is now being pursued with caution. It has become clear that some of these

proteins also regulate mental states.

Proteins work separately and together both way

Dr. Evelina Szostat, another scientist associated with the research, says that it has

been interesting to see that different types of cells work in different ways in

different parts. This role is determined by other organs present nearby. He said

that the proteins present inside the human brain do different things at different

times from the cells there. Therefore, there are also different signage routes. Many

of these routes also exchange two-sided messages. Therefore, understanding each

one will not be such an easy task. Giving examples, he said that erythrocytes

indicate about external activities inside the brain, but this fund plays a major role

in cleansing the blood inside the liver.

The collective conclusion of the scientists’ discovery is that there is actually a

network of nano-transmitters with tiny micros inside the brain. Which are

different from the head structure of mice. The role of these nano transmitters also

determines the proteins present in the area. One or more nano transmitters can

perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Therefore, assessing everyone’s potential

is time consuming.

After a long effort, the work is now completed

Scientists started working on this project from the year 2003. At the beginning of

the research, it was decided that the purpose of this scheme is to determine the

protein cells inside this. This work has been completed after so many days of

continuous research. Now after the proteins are decided, research on their role is

going to help more in understanding the most complicated organ of our body. But

this will not be an immediate task.


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