Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Ranchi Municipal people are wearing masks to show off
  • First appeared in the program without a mask

  • Then while wearing a mask, sit with a mask

  • Public took it as a non serious effort


Ranchi: Ranchi Municipal corporation is again in a controversy. This time

all high ups were caught for their photo session efforts by wearing masks.

Even before this, many times there has been an unpleasant situation due to

this pretense. Once, Mayor Asha Lakra herself has survived falling into the

big pond. This time again, this game of show was seen on the occasion of

starting the census work in the Municipal Corporation Auditorium.

While giving certificates and accessories to many people, all the people

present in the photo were seen without a mask. Later, when it came to the

corona virus, during the photo session, everyone took a very comfortable

mask before and photographed. This makes it clear that the preferred people

of the Municipal Corporation are also taking this challenge very lightly.

While there are municipalities in areas considered to be very dangerous in

terms of infection. This is because people who are engaged in the work of

cleaning, go to this place continuously. Apart from this, people continue to

come here for their work. In such a situation, wearing masks just to be

photographed also reflects the thinking of the officials and elected

representatives towards the seriousness of the situation. In this situation at

which the corona has reached in India, there is a dire need to make serious

efforts towards its prevention from at least responsible public


Ranchi Municipal workers without masks

This photo session has created anger among lower grade staffs of RMC.

Workers busy in garbage collection has not received any such protection

mask. So they alleged that only senior officials are showing off this mask

drama for cheap popularity only. Ranchi municipal officials has also

understood their mistake of this photo session. Now efforts are going on to

pacify the lower grade workers.


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