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Sharada bhargava reached the Rajya Sabha three times from Rajasthan

Jaipur: Sharada Bhargava, the first woman Rajya Sabha member from

Rajasthan, reached the Rajya Sabha from the state three times, while Prabha

Thakur has reached the Rajya Sabha a total of eight women, including twice.

Sharada Bhargava was elected as a Rajya Sabha MP for the first time on 3

April 1952 as Congress candidate and after completion of his term in 2 April

1956, the Congress made him his candidate again and he became the second

member of Rajya Sabha on 3 April 1956. Made. After this, the party also gave

her a third time in a row and she was a Rajya Sabha MP from 22 August

1963 to 2 April 1966 for the third time. Sharda Bhargava was the daughter of

freedom fighter and Lok Sabha member Mukut Bihari Bhargava. She had the

distinction of becoming the first woman Rajya Sabha member from

Rajasthan. Prabha Thakur of Congress reached Rajya Sabha twice from

Rajasthan. She was a member of Rajya Sabha from 10 April 2002 to 9 April

2008 and from 10 April 2008 to 9 April 2014. Former Deputy Chairman of

Rajya Sabha Najma Heptullah, who left Congress and joined BJP, also

reached Rajya Sabha as a BJP candidate from Rajasthan. She was a Rajya

Sabha member from the state from July 5, 2004 to July 4, 2010. Shanti

Pahariya, wife of former Governor and former Chief Minister Jagannath

Pahariyya, was a Rajya Sabha MP from 10 April 1984 to 9 April 1990.

Few important ladies also got chance from rajasthan

Former Chief Minister Barkatullah Khan’s wife Ushi Khan was a Rajya

Sabha member from April 3, 1976 to April 2, 1982, Jamuna Devi Barupal

from April 4, 2000 to April 3, 2006, Narayan Devi from April 3, 1970 to

April 2, 1976. Similarly, the famous writer Lakshmi Kumari Chutavat was a

Rajya Sabha member from Rajasthan from 10 April 1972 to 9 April 1978. Of

these women, seven Congress candidates have reached Rajya Sabha from

Rajasthan, while Najma Heptulla has reached Rajsabha as BJP candidate.

Sharada bhargava among total 8 women

It is noteworthy that on 26th March elections are being held in three Rajya

Sabha seats from Rajasthan and in these two BJP and two Congress

candidates have filed nomination papers.

However, both the major parties have not given any women candidate a

chance in this. There are currently nine BJP MPs and one Congress MP from

Rajasthan out of ten seats. BJP MP Narayan Lal Pancharia, Ramnarayan

Doody and Vijay Goel are going to complete their tenure on April 9, due to

which elections will be held in these three seats.

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