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Covid 19 virus finally decoded team includes Indian origin scientist

  • Progress to find a solution to the global challenge

  • Arinjoy Banerjee is a member of the scientific team

  • Now that invisible virus has been properly identified

  • It will be easy to make medicine after identification


New Delhi: Covid 19 has now been successful in identifying the original

virus of deadly corona virus. A team of virus experts from Canada has

completed this work. It is noteworthy that in the team that has achieved this

success, there is also an Indian-origin scientist, Arinjoy Banerjee. This

research team believes that it will be easy to understand how the virus works

after being isolated from all other mixtures. He has divided his research

among other experts around the world. Therefore, through the ongoing

research worldwide, some way to control the virus permanently will also be

found soon.

It is noteworthy that Covid 19 has now become a threat to the whole world.

As the outbreak of the virus is decreasing in China, it is now spreading

rapidly in many other countries of the world. Italy is the worst state outside

China. Apart from this, it is also spreading in America and Iran. The virus

spread rapidly in Japan and South Korea. But now the situation in these two

countries also seems to be under control.

Virus testing was started from two samples

Corona virus has been scientifically named as Covid 19. The work of

identifying its root virus is going on worldwide. The research team at the

University of Toronto has succeeded in identifying and isolating it.

Similarly, the scientists at McMaster University in Waterloo have also found

considerable success. The Canadian research team obtained virus samples

from two patients affected by Covid 19. The research was carried forward on

the basis of the same samples. Research scientists believe that now that the

virus has been isolated, a new way to kill it will also be ready soon.

Arinjoy Banerjee, a scientist of Indian origin, is doing research at McMaster

University. He has already been involved in the research of viruses spread

by bats and other organisms. Mr. Banerjee said about this achievement that

SARS Cove-2 virus has been identified. This information has been made

available among scientists around the world. It is evident that now all the

scientists together will prepare a way to diagnose it soon. He said that until

the origin of the virus is not identified, even doctors are compelled to treat it

on the basis of presumption. Now that the virus has been isolated, treatment

will be easier as soon as the solution to kill this virus comes in front. This

will provide a way to fight this worldwide epidemic. According to him, the

damage caused by this virus in the whole world is very sad. But the good

thing is that now this invisible enemy has been identified. Therefore, a

weapon to fight it will also be developed.

Covid 19 drug will be easy now

Dr. Sameera Mubaraka, who was with her in this research, said that she had

obtained virus samples from Sunnybrook Hospital. Now this team is also

working towards controlling this virus. But this team has shared its

information around the world for quick benefits. So that other scientists can

work on it in their own way and find a way out. This research team has

succeeded in isolating the virus completely. This in itself is a major

achievement. According to the worldwide information so far, the number of

patients suffering from Covid 19 has exceeded 2 millions. By the way, it is

feared that this number may go up more rapidly in the coming two weeks.

On the achievement of this team, Microbiologist Rob Kozak of University of

Toronto said that this discovery proves that this team has achieved a great

achievement in bringing relief to the whole world. He hoped that after

identifying this biological enemy, a solution to eliminate it will also come

out in the next few weeks.

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