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Ancient fish fossil with fingers found first time

  • Great information of evolution of life

  • This is how life came from water

  • The hands of this relic are visible

  • Link to the gradual development


New Delhi: Ancient fish had fingers in its hand. This new piece of

information became a new source of gradual development of life. Due to

some remains found in this, it is believed that perhaps the sequence of

development of life on earth was started from this. We already know

scientifically that life on earth was first developed in water. During that time

there was water on the surface of the entire earth. When the piece of land

came out due to the falling of the meteorite and the upheaval inside the

earth, the life of water also came to the ground. But no firm information was

found before how this happened.

It has been illuminated by fossils dating back to 380 million years ago.

These remains have been found during excavations in Miguasha National

Park, Quebec. The ancient fish of which this remains, in scientific language,

is called Elpistostege watsoni. Researchers have come to the conclusion that

this fish was about 1.6 meters in size. Its remains suggest that this water is

the first link in the life of fingers. It is present in the remains found. That is,

the link of development of hands and fingers in the life of water had started


Ancient fish theory of Scientists

Richard Cloutier, a scientist and professor at the University of Quebec, says

this is important information in biology. It is at least proving again that the

gradual development of life came from the water on the ground. The fin

which is found in the fishes of the present species was the changed form of

the hand in ancient times. By the way, evidence has already been found that

in ancient times, snakes on this earth also had legs. Richard Hachai and

Philippe Duranliou Gangon were also involved in this research with

Richard. These people have concluded this after adding different parts of

this fossil together.

This discovery makes it clear that four-legged animals have a developmental

relationship with water life. Likewise, frogs have also evolved. One of whose

early species is the tetra pod. His hands and fingers are also like the wings of

fish. The largest opal of this species is kept in the museum of this park. It

has a fossil size of about 200 meters. Even before this the remains of this

species were found in other parts of the world but none of them were

completely safe. Because of this, scientists could not get a chance to

understand this anatomical structure earlier. A two hundred meter long

fossil in the museum was also found in 22 pieces between the stones. Many

parts of which were also missing.

A huge 200-meter fossil is also kept in the museum

After the discovery of this new relic, scientists have come to the conclusion

that there is some protection in the earth’s water and soil creatures. Gram is

still the same. For example, everyone’s spine is almost the same. But

researchers believe that there has been a gradual development of the spine

and their structure has also changed slowly. Yet in the original form it is the

same. But after getting this information about the development of the hand,

researchers can work on linking further links based on these facts. It is clear

from this that this part was effective in the work of moving ahead by holding

the ground, which later developed in terms of need. During this gradual

development, fish also came from deep water to the areas of low depth water

gradually and from there as the hands developed, it went to land. Even

today, there are many species of fish in India, which climb trees with the

help of their wings. For this reason, they have now got used to being alive for

many days without water. Regarding this, scientists believe that while

coming from soil to soil, this life used to drag first. After that, his wings were

transformed into hands and feet and he gradually evolved into a different

species of creature living on the surface of the ground and life of water and

land became different. In a similar way in which it is believed that the giant

whale also used to live on the ground earlier, but later he changed himself to

make himself a living creature in water.

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