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Sky and above is changing a lot now a days

  • World wide closure may have reduced pollution

  • Ozone layer is much better than before

  • It’s good news amid Corona’s terror

  • Lock down is beneficial in this regard


New Delhi: Sky and above is indicating that Earth’s atmosphere is changing

very fast. The scientists are surprised to see this. The believe that perhaps the

lock down imposed by Corona in the world has reduced pollution a lot. For

this reason, the layer of ozone is also seen improving rapidly. But this theory

has not been proved on scientific evidences. On the other hand, changing the

wind trend in the Southern Hemisphere is also surprising the scientists. After

the situation over Antarctica has improved, the wind in this southern part is

not able to understand what is going to bloom. Environmental scientists have

been monitoring this continuously for the last two days. For this, continuous

working satellites are also being resorted to.

It is known that due to increased pollution and harmful gases on the earth,

this surface of the earth’s atmosphere was damaged. The scientists first

discovered in 1985 that there was a hole in the layer of ozone above the earth.

Harmful radiations from this hole are reaching the Earth directly. Later, this

hole became more massive due to greenhouse gases. Now its is seen filling up

fast. Scientists are also resorting to satellites to understand this.

Satellite monitoring is on for this

On the other hand, the condition of the Southern Hemisphere is puzzling to

the scientists. Investigators have not been able to reach any conclusion

regarding the wind trend there. When the ozone layer continued to be

damaged, strong winds came from the north side over the sky of this southern

part. Previously this wind pushed it further south.

Sky and the atmosphere surprised scientists

Scientists believed that the law of rain around the world was also a reason for

changing the law. Now it has stopped suddenly after ten years. During the

present stage, many scientists blame lock down for this, due to which the

pollution of the earth is rapidly decreasing. This is considered a good sign by

scientists. Now the change in Australia that led to famine-like conditions is

about to end. The strong winds of the southern hemisphere in these areas

pushed the rain in the other direction. Due to which a situation like famine

was created in many areas of Australia. Now again the rain can return to its

old path. Now the wind is not moving towards south and is going directly

towards north. Therefore, it may be a better situation for both poles and

famine affected areas.

The atmosphere of rain which has changed gradually for the last thirty years,

now the wind is blowing exactly in the opposite direction. It is understood that

nature has started the work of changing it. But whether there is a lock down of

the world behind it, it is constantly being investigated. In the world, the air

level has also improved due to very low commissioning of offices and vehicles.

May have a connection with china’s industrial pollution

Some scientists are seeing this improvement linked to China’s industrial

activities. They believe that pollution related violations are most frequent in

China. Satellites from above the sky continue to record pollution from China.

Now this improvement is clearly seen even after the sudden industrial

activities there. Everything is changing, perhaps due to the stagnation of

pollution from the industrial activities of China.

On these activities, chemist Antara Banerjee of Colorado Boulder University

has said that this one incident proved where this fight is going. According to

him, this is a conflict between the emission of greenhouse gases directly into

nature and the recovery of ozone layer. Right now, due to less pollution and no

gas, nature is trying to improve itself again. But it has become clear that we

have to reduce pollution in order to protect ourselves.

There is also remarkable evidence of pollution and congestion in many

countries suffering from Corona terror. Dolphins are swimming on the

beaches of Italy. Due to all the flight stops, rare types of birds are being

spotted in the grounds of the airport. Even in summer areas people are feeling

less irritation in the air due to this captive.

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